The Olympics The Olympics

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1 _______________________ the city where an important event is held 2 _______________________ coming soon

3 _______________________ recent; not old

4 _______________________ a group of people chosen to do a job 5 _______________________ to try and win

6 _______________________ an informative paper for school or work 7 _______________________ chosen

8 _______________________ in or to a foreign country

Unit 1

Warm-up Questions

1 What do you know about the Olympic Games?

2 What event do you see in the picture below? What are the people doing?

host city selected report committee

compete upcoming abroad modern



Fill in the blank with the correct word(s).


Let’s Get Started



The Olympics The Olympics



Listening Practice 1

Listen and choose the best answer.

A 1

1 What is the main purpose of the conversation?

to make plans for the weekend to talk about class

to get information for a report to talk about the upcoming Winter Olympics

2 How does Sandy feel at the end of the conversation?

sad happy angry embarrassed

3 What can be inferred from the conversation?

James is a better student than Sandy. Sandy is a better student than James.

Sandy and James are perfect students. James and Sandy are terrible students.

Let’s Listen



Listening Practice 2

Listen and check.


More Step By Step Listening


1) Host country: Athens, Greece Paris, France 2) Year: 1896 1869 3) Country that won the most medals:

The United States UK 4) Number of gold medals:

18 11

1 1


Summer Olympics 2 1


Winter Olympics

3 24


Summer Olympics 4 29


Summer Olympics

1) Host country: Chanmonix, France Seoul, Korea 2) Year: 1942 1924 3) Country that won the most medals:

The Netherlands Norway 4) Number of gold medals:

4 14

1) Host country: Seoul, Korea Tokyo, Japan 2) Year: 1988 1980

3) Country that won the most medals: The Soviet Union The United States 4) Number of gold medals:

55 15

1) Host country: Beijing, China Sydney, Australia 2) Year: 2008 2006

3) Country that won the most medals: Russia China 4) Number of gold medals:

51 55


Listening Practice 3

Listen and take notes.

C 3

Listening Practice 4

1 What is the conversation mostly about?

the upcoming Winter Olympic Games in Toronto the last Winter Olympic Games in Toronto


Task 1 Listen and check. 4

Task 2 Listen again and answer the questions.

Unit 1 6

1 What city will be the host city for the next Winter Olympic Games?


2 What idea does Cathy have to earn money for tickets?


3 Why does Cathy think it is worth it to buy tickets?


4 What sport do both Greg and Cathy want to watch?


First Subject :___________________________________________________________

Fact :They are bigger than________________________________________________. Supporting Details :1__________________________________________________


Second Subject :_________________________________________________________

Fact :They are smaller than________________________________________________. Supporting Details :1__________________________________________________


Conclusion :Both games are________________________________________________.

The Differences between the Summer and Winter Olympics


Let’s Talk



1 Where are Joey and Jade in the picture? Have the Olympics ever been held in your city?

2 Which Olympic Games has been your favorite and why?

Unit 01

More Step By Step Listening


4 Listen and Number

Put the sections in order.

First, I will talk about the Summer Olympic Games. The Summer Games are bigger than the Winter Games.

In the Winter Games, just around 80 countries compete, and there are only 15 sports.

I want to start by saying there are two kinds of Olympic Games: Summer Olympic Games and Winter Olympic Games.

But the Winter Olympic Games are much smaller than the Summer Games.

Hello, everyone. Good afternoon. My name is James Richardson, and I am from the Olympics committee.

While they are different, both the Summer and Winter Games are very popular worldwide.

The topic of my speech today is the differences between the Summer and Winter Olympics.

In the Summer Games, over 200 countries compete. Also, there are more than 40





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