Director of Educational Technology Centre Appointed for the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

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Facsimile No. , Vice-Chancellor and Residenr Rofesor Chia-Wei Woo, DS. MA FhD

Press Release

Director of Educational Technoloqy Centre

Appointed for the Hone Konq Universitv of Science and Technoloqv

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology today announces the appointment of Dr Donald BOEHNKER (~/~~$~@4) ,' currently Director of the Instructional Development/Educational Assistance (IDEA) Center at the University of New Mexico, as Director of Educational Technology Centre (ETC).

Dr Boehnker earned a BS and MS in Education at the University of Cincinnati, subsequently obtaining an EdD at Indiana University. He began his career in teaching, but soon moved into his current line of work, which is the development and production of multi-media instructional and presentation materials. His accomplishments at the University of New Mexico demonstrate the. range of activities such work can encompass. While there he established a professional level of production services, a faculty orientation programme, a series of workshops for faculty development, campus-wide instructional television, and satellite reception services.

According to Dr Boehnker, ETC will provide the latest in technology in an extensive professional range of services. From slides and posters to videos, it will help develop and produce teaching and presentation materials'to support the work of both faculty and administrators. "The needs and technology are dynamic and so ETC must also be dynamic to be' responsive and proactive in meeting and anticipating those needs," he notes.

Dr Boehnker is keenly looking forward to joining HKUST, as he says, "Not many people today are given the opportunity to be a part in the formation of a brand new university of the calibre of HKUST." Coming with him to Hong Kong will be his wife and two of their children, a 16-year old daughter and 15-year old son. In his spare time he pursues interests in photography, travel, gardening, and reading.

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology 19 July 1990