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1 / 16 高中部二年級第次期中考題庫(40%)

範圍:課本 L6-7。4500 單字: U22-23。必考片語 U17-18

一、課文綜合測驗(共 0 分,每題 0 分)

1. Orchid Island is a little volcanic island, lying in the southeastern ocean off Taiwan. There are totally six villages on the island. The population is only 5,000 and most of them are aboriginals, __1__ the Tao. Since Tao is a fishing community, their life is deeply __2__ the ocean and the marine cultures. There are more than 400 fish species used and named by the Tao. The list doesn’t include other marine species and algae. Since a long time ago, Tao’s culture of fish classification and special fish consumption __3__ an interesting research topic. Based on Tao’s lunar calendar, March to June is the flying fish season. Flying fish follows the Kuroshio Current and migrants nearby Orchid Island every spring. __4__ flying fish is the most important activity in the Tao culture. And the migratory species is believed to be the most sacred creature—the creature from heaven. __5__ are various taboos and rituals over cooking and eating flying fish. Maybe you would like to know that flying fish is also healthy food, especially for pregnant women and children.

( 1 ) ( ) (A) call (B) called (C) to call (D) calling ( 2 ) ( ) (A) connected with (B) equipped with (C) familiar with (D) familiar to

( 3 ) ( ) (A) is (B) was (C) has been (D) had been

( 4 ) ( ) (A) Catch (B) Caught (C)  (D) Catching

( 5 ) ( ) (A) They (B) Those (C) There (D) These

答案: ( 1 ) B ( 2 ) A ( 3 ) C ( 4 ) D ( 5 ) C

2. It’s late at night, and it’s time that I __1__ my homework. However, I feel sleepy as I see the English assignment. I should write an introductory paragraph for an essay on one of the five selected topics. I try to __2__ some thought to the topics, but my mind keeps wandering to the mosquito bites on my leg. __3__, I realize that in a few hours, I will be sitting in English class, and I haven’t even started on my paragraph yet. This is what always happens to me. My time is always running out. Because of my procrastination, I have wasted a great __4__ of time. Well goes the saying, “Procrastination is the thief of time.” I spend a lot of time __5__ excuses. I put off my assignments in many ways. For example, I might watch a television show __6__ for a four-year-old. What’s worse, the more rushed I am, the more irrational I become. Sadly, time never stops for procrastinators like me. While __7__ students diligently do their homework for that day, I diligently do my homework from the night before, or even from a week earlier. Instead of __8__, I always feel that I am at the bottom of a pit, trying to climb out. Catching up on my work is almost impossible. I can never __9__ live in the present. Procrastination continues to rob me of time. I hope I will grasp the concepts of organization and promptness soon, __10__ I will be doomed to a life in the procrastinator’s prison that I have built for myself.

( 1 ) ( ) (A) do (B) to do (C) did (D) doing

( 2 ) ( ) (A) take (B) focus (C) provide (D) give

( 3 ) ( ) (A) Suddenly (B) Extremely (C) To sum up (D) In the beginning

( 4 ) ( ) (A) amount (B) number (C) deadline (D) sum ( 5 ) ( ) (A) standing up (B) making up (C) sitting up (D) looking up ( 6 ) ( ) (A) which means (B) meaning (C) meant (D) mean ( 7 ) ( ) (A) other (B) others (C) another (D) the other ( 8 ) ( ) (A) being satisfy (B) satisfaction (C) satisfied (D) satisfying ( 9 ) ( ) (A) more free (B) free (C) more freely (D) freely

( 1 0 ) ( ) (A) but (B) so (C) or (D) and

答案: ( 1 ) C ( 2 ) D ( 3 ) A ( 4 ) A ( 5 ) B ( 6 ) C ( 7 ) A ( 8 ) B ( 9 ) D ( 1 0 ) C

3. In today’s world of modern conveniences, it’s rare for anyone to live off the land. Most people are used to ___1___ to grocery stores for food and drive cars as means of transportation. Although our ancestors knew how to survive in the wilderness, there are ___2___ people today can do it. Who among us continues this way of life?

Native people have a history of living off the land, from the Tao of Orchid Island to the Aborigines of Australia. Following the lessons passed down by their ancestors, indigenous people are familiar with the techniques for living well with what nature provides. In recent years there has also been ___3___ modern people wishing to return to simpler times. These self-described “homesteaders” have no family history of living off the land, but they

___4___ to learn what it takes to survive.

Is this kind of life sustainable? Will the rest of the world continue to modernize, or will we return to our ___5___ and live off the land again? Those who live the simple life show that this kind of life can also be a very happy one.

( 1 ) ( ) (A) have gone (B) go (C) going (D) being gone ( 2 ) ( ) (A) little (B) few (C) a little (D) a large

amount of

( 3 ) ( ) (A) a ray of (B) a pile of (C) a wave of (D) a glance of ( 4 ) ( ) (A) are willing (B) respond (C) are reluctant (D) hesitate ( 5 ) ( ) (A) consumers (B) figures (C) methods (D) roots 答案: ( 1 ) C ( 2 ) B ( 3 ) C ( 4 ) A ( 5 ) D

4. I have a paragraph due tomorrow, and it’s time I started doing it. In fact, it’s nearly midnight, I’ve spent the whole day procrastinating. In just a few short hours, I ___1___ at my teacher with no work to hand in.

This is always how it goes for me. Whenever I have a deadline to meet, I find ways to waste time. I will surf the web, ___2___ with friends, or watch a mindless television show. Then, when the final moments come and I have to ___3___ work, my mind wanders to silly things like a loose thread on my shirt or a bug bite on my arm.


2 / 16 I feel ___4___ and rushed, and I can never do my best work. It’s like I’m trying to

climb out of a muddy pit; I have to climb at full speed just to stay in place. I need to take control of this problem soon. ___5___, I will always be living my life in the pit I’ve dug for myself.

( 1 ) ( ) (A) am staring (B) was staring

(C) will be staring (D) have been staring

( 2 ) ( ) (A) text (B) tick (C) trap (D) tear

( 3 ) ( ) (A) cut down on (B) get down to

(C) catch up on (D) run out of

( 4 ) ( ) (A) relieved (B) attached (C) panicked (D) robbed ( 5 ) ( ) (A) Therefore (B) Otherwise (C) Instead (D) However 答案: ( 1 ) C ( 2 ) A ( 3 ) B ( 4 ) C ( 5 ) B

5. As the saying goes, “Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.” However, the __1__ of younger generation students and workers fail to live up to this proverb. They manage to delay doing what __2__ earlier until they have to meet the deadline.

Disappointingly, most of them spend more time making up weak excuses for why they can’t do an assignment now __3__ they ever spend on the actual assignment. Naturally, it goes without saying that they are sure to have a hard time __4__ their work. Although they are in a hurry, they tend to be lazy when trying to get things done well. Once interrupted by the anxiety, they won’t be able to deal __5__ desperation. They will become more irrational and unclear thinkers and doers as the clock ticks on.

( 1 ) ( ) (A) number (B) proportion (C) amount (D) mass

( 2 ) ( ) (A) should do (B) should have been done (C) need do (D) needn’t have done

( 3 ) ( ) (A) than (B) that (C) but (D) what

( 4 ) ( ) (A) to handle (B) coming up with (C) to catch up on (D) getting down to

( 5 ) ( ) (A) in (B) from (C) with (D) away

答案: ( 1 ) D ( 2 ) B ( 3 ) A ( 4 ) D ( 5 ) C

6. Building boats is the most important activity in the Tao culture. A man’s

achievement is evaluated by the number of boats he builds and the following inauguration ceremonies he holds. Building __1__ boats usually begins in May or June after the flying fish season. Thus, the inauguration ceremony can __2__ in July or August before the typhoon season. Members of the whole fishing group open new taro fields and raise lots of pigs and goats for the ceremony. The whole process of boat-building __3__ a series of complicated carpenter work. It is regarded as an essential skill for a Tao man, which he inherits from his father. There are several accessories, __4__ rudders, the rudder lock, oars, oarlocks, and rowing seats, for a Tao boat to sail in the ocean. Young rowers choose heavy wood for their oars to gain speed, while elder but experienced rowers use lighter wood for oars. They decorate the boat __5__ paints made from white shell powders, black charcoals

and red mud. An elaborate circular disc is a constant feature placed at each end of Tao boats. In addition, individual totems are carved on the boat to honor extraordinary skills of certain fishermen.

( 1 ) ( ) (A) carved (B) carve (C) carving (D) to carve ( 2 ) ( ) (A) hold (B) holding (C) be held (D) held ( 3 ) ( ) (A) consists in (B) bathed in (C) composed of (D) consists of ( 4 ) ( ) (A) include (B) inclusive of (C) included (D) includes

( 5 ) ( ) (A) with (B) by (C) for (D) in

答案: ( 1 ) A ( 2 ) C ( 3 ) D ( 4 ) B ( 5 ) A

7. The Tao are the aboriginal people in Orchid Island __1__ deep respect for the ocean. The reason why they value the ocean so much __2__ the infertile environment of Orchid Island. The Tao can barely __3__ the staple crops grown on the island for food; thus, they turn to the ocean to maintain their __4__ intake of protein. Over the years, the Tao have created a unique, __5__ culture. For example, they have __6__ using their bare hands to catch fish. Also, they follow their fishing calendar respectfully. Each year, their fishing season starts from March and ends in June when the waters are frequented by __7__ flying fish. The Tao __8__ flying fish __8__ their god’s gift. As a result, the __9__ of catching flying fish has been highly valued. Furthermore, they will hold many ceremonies to show gratitude __10__ their god. Despite the fact that their lifestyle has changed as technology has developed, many of the Tao people still strive to preserve their living environment as well as their own culture.

( 1 ) ( ) (A) showed (B) who show (C) who showing (D) to show ( 2 ) ( ) (A) passes on (B) corresponds to (C) wards off (D) lies in ( 3 ) ( ) (A) try on (B) rely on (C) keep on (D) survive ( 4 ) ( ) (A) awe (B) adequate (C) exceptional (D) marine ( 5 ) ( ) (A) ocean-oriented (B) ocean-orienting

(C) oriented-ocean (D) orienting-ocean

( 6 ) ( ) (A) used to (B) been using t (C) gotten used to (D) gotten used ( 7 ) ( ) (A) herds of (B) swarms of (C) prides of (D) schools of ( 8 ) ( ) (A) regard; as (B) think; as (C) view; to be (D) look; to be ( 9 ) ( ) (A) transportation (B) conservation (C) occasion (D) narration

( 1 0 ) ( ) (A) of (B) in (C) to (D) for

答案: ( 1 ) B ( 2 ) D ( 3 ) B ( 4 ) B ( 5 ) A ( 6 ) C ( 7 ) D ( 8 ) A ( 9 ) C ( 1 0 ) C

8. I have a familiar feeling of desperation. It’s time I ___1___ to bed but I cannot because I am again in an awkward situation. My task is quite simple. I have to write an essay’s introductory paragraph for tomorrow morning’s English class. Nevertheless, it takes time and time has ___2___ for me. I am trapped by another deadline I have ___3___. In a few hours, I will be going to the class and I blame myself for putting off doing this task. I


3 / 16 think of my procrastination over the day. I have played computer games, watched silly TV

programs, and chatted on the phone instead of starting my assignment. In this way, I wasted my valuable time. Now these previous activities seem so ___4___, and I start to panic because I have so little time left. Yet again I have failed to grasp the importance of ___5___ and organization of time. When I finally get out my books and hear the clock ticking on, I realize that I am in a prison of my own making.

( 1 ) ( ) (A) go (B) went (C) had gone (D) have gone ( 2 ) ( ) (A) taken up (B) summed up (C) run out (D) gone out ( 3 ) ( ) (A) extended (B) missed (C) met (D) set

( 4 ) ( ) (A) illegal (B) irrational (C) illogical (D) inconsistent ( 5 ) ( ) (A) procrastination (B) mass (C) extreme (D) promptness 答案: ( 1 ) B ( 2 ) C ( 3 ) B ( 4 ) B ( 5 ) D

9. As the saying goes, “Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.” However, the __1__ of the younger generation often fail to live up to this proverb. They manage to delay doing what they __2__ earlier until they have to meet the __3__. And it goes without saying that they are sure to have a hard time __4__ their work. Although they are in a hurry, they tend to be lazy when trying to get things __5__ well. For example, my friend, Bill, is a __6__.

He never pays attention to his schoolwork and wastes his time fooling around. The ways he avoids his report include __7__ TV or __7__ comic books meant for kids. His behavior shows that there is __8__ improvement. He always ends up __9__ that he is at the bottom of a pit. In a word, Bill should follow the principle of time management, or he would __10__ a life in the procrastinator’s prison.

( 1 ) ( ) (A) mess (B) number (C) amount (D) mass ( 2 ) ( ) (A) should do (B) should have done (C) need do (D) needn’t

have done

( 3 ) ( ) (A) deadline (B) condition (C) purpose (D) standard ( 4 ) ( ) (A) to deal with (B) coming up with (C) to catch up on (D) getting

down to

( 5 ) ( ) (A) to do (B) doing (C) done (D) having done

( 6 ) ( ) (A) thief (B) foreigner (C) procrastinator (D) liar ( 7 ) ( ) (A) watching; reading (B) to watch; to read (C) watches;

reads (D) being watched; read

( 8 ) ( ) (A) room to (B) room for (C) a room to (D) a room for ( 9 ) ( ) (A) feel (B) to feel (C) feeling (D) felt

( 1 0 ) ( ) (A) doom to (B) be doomed to (C) hold on to (D) be held to 答案: ( 1 ) D ( 2 ) B ( 3 ) A ( 4 ) D ( 5 ) C ( 6 ) C ( 7 ) A ( 8 ) B ( 9 ) C ( 1 0 ) B

10. Take one of my friends for example. Bill is a typical __1__. He never pays attention to his assignments; __2__, he always wastes his time fooling around. He even indulges himself in watching cartoons and reading comic books __3__ kids only. As for the ways he makes excuses for his delay, there is surely __4__ for improvement. He always feels as if he were climbing up a downward-moving escalator, __5__ down to the bottom of a pit. In a word, Bill should follow the principle of time management, or he would be doomed to a life in the procrastinator’s prison.

( 1 ) ( ) (A) prisoner (B) robber (C) procrastinator (D) prosecutor ( 2 ) ( ) (A) rather (B) otherwise (C) accordingly (D) on top of


( 3 ) ( ) (A) meaning for (B) meant for (C) meaning to (D) meant to ( 4 ) ( ) (A) no room (B) rooms (C) a room (D) room ( 5 ) ( ) (A) to end up falling (B) to end up to fall (C) ending up falling (D) ending up

to fall

答案: ( 1 ) C ( 2 ) A ( 3 ) B ( 4 ) D ( 5 ) C

11. Living on an island, Taiwanese people are naturally connected to the sea. But no group has a closer relationship with the ocean than the Tao, a tribe that lives on Orchid Island. The land ___1___ infertile, the Tao can’t grow many crops. So, they are forced to rely on catching seafood to survive. The Tao got used to this through the years and developed an amazing talent for catching fish. Some Tao can even catch fish ___2___! The Taos developed their own fishing schedule that is based on the ___3___ of the sea. The peak time to fish is from March to June. This is ___4___ many schools of flying fish are in the area. The Tao see the plentiful fish as a gift from heaven and people from different tribes come together and form fishing groups. Before they set sail, they decorate their plank boats with totems to pray for good luck. Each generation ___5___ these ancient traditions through narration. This way, the gods of the sea will continue to look after them.

( 1 ) ( ) (A) to be (B) being (C) is (D) been

( 2 ) ( ) (A) with all their heart (B) with open arms

(C) in vain (D) with their bare hands

( 3 ) ( ) (A) barriers (B) pedestrians (C) traps (D) currents

( 4 ) ( ) (A) where (B) what (C) when (D) which

( 5 ) ( ) (A) passes down (B) takes up (C) sums up (D) puts off 答案: ( 1 ) B ( 2 ) D ( 3 ) D ( 4 ) C ( 5 ) A

12. Surrounded by water on all sides, Taiwan is closely connected with the ocean. We rely on sea transportation __1__ food and trading. Perhaps few people are __2__ connected with the ocean than the Tao. Orchid Island, __3__ the Tao people live, is rugged and infertile. Only easy-to-grow plants like taros and yams can be planted there, so they have to paddle off the sea to catch fish to maintain sufficient protein intake. They __4__ catching fish with their bare hands, and they respect their fishing calendar. This calendar corresponds to the


4 / 16 for the Tao. __6__ as a gift from their god, the flying fish has been highly valued. Before

setting sail to fish, tribesmen build plank boats with exceptional skills. Totems are painted on the boats __7__ ward off evil spirits and pray for blessings. These elaborately decorated boats are the most precious cultural heritage of the Tao. Throughout the entire flying fish season, many different ceremonies __8__ to show the Tao people’s gratitude to their god and to ensure a good catch. Clearly, the Tao have created a unique, ocean-oriented culture. Technology has changed the lifestyle of the Tao. __9__ boats are replacing the plank boats. The tourist industry is a threat to the local environment, not to mention the nuclear waste on the island. __10__, the Tao people believe their god will look after them, these people of the sea.

( 1 ) ( ) (A) to (B) for (C) with (D) in

( 2 ) ( ) (A) more closely (B) closed (C) closer (D) closing

( 3 ) ( ) (A) how (B) which (C) what (D) where

( 4 ) ( ) (A) use to (B) using to (C) are used to (D) used to

( 5 ) ( ) (A) most (B) mostly (C) almost (D) main

( 6 ) ( ) (A) Regardless (B) Regarding (C) Regarded (D) To regard ( 7 ) ( ) (A) in order that (B) in order to (C) as for (D) so that ( 8 ) ( ) (A) are held (B) held (C) hold (D) holding ( 9 ) ( ) (A) Power-engine (B) Engine-power (C) Engine-powering (D)


( 1 0 ) ( ) (A) Finally (B) Because (C) Though (D) However 答案: ( 1 ) B ( 2 ) A ( 3 ) D ( 4 ) C ( 5 ) D ( 6 ) C ( 7 ) B ( 8 ) A ( 9 ) D ( 1 0 ) D

二、綜合測驗(共 0 分,每題 0 分)

1. I’m a lucky guy. My parents have taken me to so many places in Taiwan. Still, one place sticks out in my mind as “the most beautiful,” and that is Orchid Island.

Orchid Island is located __1__ fifty kilometers off the coast of Taitung County. Most people take a small airplane to visit Orchid Island. From the air, the mountain tops peak out from the clouds as you approach this magical island. __2__ the airplane lands, you can see the green fields and woods and the blue water of the Pacific Ocean. Even from a distance, Orchid Island is charming.

After arriving, you can take a hotel bus or better yet a motorcycle to travel on the one road around the island. Several small fishing or farming villages offer views of the __3__ people and their homes and animals. Everything here seems so simple and peaceful.

Orchid Island also __4__ great views of nature. From the towering mountaintops to the crashing of the waves on the rocky beaches, Orchid Island seems __5__ in time, a natural paradise waiting to be discovered. If you want to “get away from it all but still stay close to Taiwan,” there is no better place than Orchid Island.

( 1 ) ( ) (A) in (B) on (C) about (D) at

( 2 ) ( ) (A) Because (B) As (C) Although (D) Since ( 3 ) ( ) (A) indigenous (B) foreign (C) alien (D) marine ( 4 ) ( ) (A) receives (B) offers (C) intakes (D) requires ( 5 ) ( ) (A) native (B) rapid (C) mobile (D) frozen 答案: ( 1 ) C ( 2 ) B ( 3 ) A ( 4 ) B ( 5 ) D

2. If you are a student, then you are busy. Sometimes, __1__ that you don’t have enough time to get all your work done. However, there are a few things you can do to manage your study time better. To begin with, prioritize your tasks. This means deciding which of the things you need to get done are most important. Use an A-B-C rating system to do this. Write an “A” next to the most important task, then a “B” to the second most

important one, and so on. By putting your tasks __2__ importance, you will know exactly what needs to be done first.

Next, do some planning. Try to determine if a big job on your list can be broken down into smaller parts, __3__ it is often easier and quicker to finish simpler tasks first. Also, decide if any of the tasks on your list can be done at the same time, since this saves you time. Finally, use different time-management tools, such as calendars and “to-do” lists. Be sure to write down an exact time for studying in your calendar, and make “to-do” lists for both the day and the week. The more efficiently you use these tools, the __4__ you’ll be to make better use of your time.

__5__ these tips, you will not only manage your study time better, but you may even find that you have more time to do a lot of other things, as well.

( 1 ) ( ) (A) you probably seem (B) it probably seems

(C) you maybe seem (D) it may be seem

( 2 ) ( ) (A) on the edge of (B) on top of (C) in order of (D) in case of ( 3 ) ( ) (A) since (B) although (C) while (D) unless ( 4 ) ( ) (A) more capable (B) more possible (C) faster (D) abler ( 5 ) ( ) (A) To follow (B) Without following

(C) Despite following (D) By following 答案: ( 1 ) B ( 2 ) C ( 3 ) A ( 4 ) D ( 5 ) D

3. In Guam, the best diving is to be found at the outer reefs, sunken wrecks and in caves. The easiest way to reach the outer reefs is __1__ boat. There, scuba divers can find unique fish and sea creatures. The outer reefs enjoy deep drops, sandy flats filled __2__ garden eels, sea anemones and a rich variety of corals. At a few sites, divers will find schools of tiny tropical fish being fed. Divers who choose to __3__ shipwrecks will discover that the hulks have become “coral reefs,” visited by many kinds of fish. There are also undersea caves for divers who desire to experience truly superb clear water diving.

Divers often encounter memorable cross-cultural experiences. This occurs __4__ the many different countries from which divers have come. Diving experts, working with local shops, provide instruction for small groups or individuals, and at all levels, from introductory


5 / 16 to advanced diving. Diving shops offer equipment repair, rental gear, and even specialized

cameras __5__ reasonable prices. Between the exotic scenery, perfect water and facilities, Guam will long remain popular with divers.

( 1 ) ( ) (A) on (B) at (C) for (D) by

( 2 ) ( ) (A) of (B) up (C) with (D) for

( 3 ) ( ) (A) explore (B) invent (C) express (D) access ( 4 ) ( ) (A) whether (B) due to (C) because (D) so

( 5 ) ( ) (A) in (B) by (C) for (D) at

答案: ( 1 ) D ( 2 ) C ( 3 ) A ( 4 ) B ( 5 ) D

4. There’s no doubt that procrastination can make one’s life more difficult than it has to be. Because of procrastination, people miss out on a lot of important things in their lives, __1__ missing deadlines at work or missing important social meetings. To solve this serious problem, reasons why people procrastinate should be known first.

Some people procrastinate because they thrive on completing an assignment at the last minute. They get __2__ to working under a tight deadline. Perhaps the stress makes them work better or allows their mind to focus on their project. __3__, there are many reasons why procrastinating is a bad idea. One major reason not to procrastinate is that many things

happen at the last minute, which keeps you from completing your assignment before it is due! If you get your assignment done ahead of time, this allows for last minute changes and the chance to check all of your work.

Still, __4__ many people admit to procrastinating, many don’t know how to stop. In most cases, it requires people to understand the reason why they procrastinate and what kind of trouble they have caused by putting things off to later. Hopefully, once __5__ of this process, people will start to take responsibility for their actions and truly make an effort like changing their daily routines to stop procrastinating.

( 1 ) ( ) (A) such as (B) for fear of (C) in spite of (D) in addition to

( 2 ) ( ) (A) addicted (B) accustomed (C) entertained (D) devoted ( 3 ) ( ) (A) Therefore (B) Otherwise (C) Besides (D) However

( 4 ) ( ) (A) if (B) unless (C) while (D) lest

( 5 ) ( ) (A) afraid (B) jealous (C) innocent (D) aware 答案: ( 1 ) A ( 2 ) B ( 3 ) D ( 4 ) C ( 5 ) D

5. There is a systematic procedure you should follow when it comes to putting time management to good use. First off, set your goals and learn to see the difference between trivial and urgent tasks. In other words, know and respect your __1__. Next, plan steps or phases to achieve your goals. When making your schedule, be sure to add time for __2__ events. They may interfere with your life and cause you __3__ more time completing a mission. Optimize your working environment and protect yourself from all kinds of __4__ and interruptions. If your reason for procrastinating is a fear of difficult or large projects, break tasks into small pieces.

Procrastination is a habit, not a fatal flaw. It takes persistence to change, but you can do it. Overcoming procrastination will bring you peace of mind and the healthy feeling of being __5__ your life. Remember, managing your time well makes you successful.

( 1 ) ( ) (A) performances (B) opportunities (C) impressions (D) priorities ( 2 ) ( ) (A) unexpected (B) unfortunate (C) inappropriate (D) indifferent ( 3 ) ( ) (A) spending (B) to spend (C) spend (D) to be spent ( 4 ) ( ) (A) distractions (B) attractions (C) diversities (D) accusations ( 5 ) ( ) (A) in danger of (B) on the verge of (C) in charge of (D) on the point


答案: ( 1 ) D ( 2 ) A ( 3 ) B ( 4 ) A ( 5 ) C

6. It is often thought that procrastinators ___1___ be unsuccessful people. It is time to tell a curious truth: some of the most remarkable high achievers in history have been procrastinators.

Take Leonardo da Vinci, for instance. He is often considered the perfect example of the “Renaissance man,” a term used to describe someone who is an expert in many different fields. Da Vinci was a poet, painter, musician and scientist. He achieved extraordinary things. Yet he was also a terrible procrastinator! His most famous painting, the “Mona Lisa,” took 20 years to complete. Another, “The Last Supper,” was only finished when his client threatened to cut off the funding.

The French writer Marcel Proust was another famous procrastinator. Much of his life was spent ___2___ a single, gigantic novel called Remembrance of Things Past. It had 4000 pages, 2000 characters and most of it was never published until after his death. Yet today he is considered the greatest French writer of all time.

In more recent times, the American rock band Guns N’ Roses became ___3___ for procrastinating. It took them 17 years ___4___ to complete their sixth album, titled “Chinese Democracy.” Despite that, when the record was eventually released, it went multi-platinum. If you are a procrastinator, you will no doubt be thinking that you will never achieve anything ___5___. These examples should give you hope.

( 1 ) ( ) (A) cater to (B) tend to (C) get down to (D) intend to ( 2 ) ( ) (A) complete (B) to complete (C) completed (D) completing ( 3 ) ( ) (A) notorious (B) precious (C) competitive (D) regretful ( 4 ) ( ) (A) in sum (B) in time (C) in total (D) in doubt ( 5 ) ( ) (A) worthless (B) worthwhile (C) valueless (D) meanwhile 答案: ( 1 ) B ( 2 ) D ( 3 ) A ( 4 ) C ( 5 ) B

7. There is a famous story about a hardworking ant and a lazy grasshopper. Through the summer and the fall, the ant was always working, __1__ food __1__ and getting his home ready for the coming winter. __2__, the grasshopper didn’t do these things. He lay in the sun, whistling, resting, and enjoying himself. He jeered at the ant, saying, “Why do you want to work so hard all the time? Sit down and enjoy the sunbath with me.” __3__ his jeering friend’s behavior as starkly foolish, the ant kept working.


6 / 16 Of course, when winter came, the lazy grasshopper was cold and hungry. __4__ it was

too late was he conscious that his laziness led to his doom. The hardworking ant was warm and comfortable in his home, enjoying his food to the fullest.

This story teaches a lesson that laziness is the chief __5__ of a person’s ruin. Our teachers and parents are always warning us that laziness is a bad habit. They remind us because they don’t want to see us become the grasshopper in the story.

( 1 ) ( ) (A) putting…off (B) giving…off (C) giving…away (D) putting… away

( 2 ) ( ) (A) To some extent (B) On the contrary (C) In other words (D) In a nutshell

( 3 ) ( ) (A) Considering (B) Thinking (C) Regarding (D) Looking ( 4 ) ( ) (A) Not until (B) Not only (C) No sooner (D) No longer ( 5 ) ( ) (A) effect (B) cause (C) feature (D) problem 答案: ( 1 ) D ( 2 ) B ( 3 ) C ( 4 ) A ( 5 ) B

8. In the early summer, millions of the adult salmon gather together and squeeze into the fresh water of the Naknek River, then spread out again in the huge Naknek Lake. After crossing the lake, the sockeye are nearly back to __1__ they were born—the Brooks Lake. __2__ there, however, requires an enormous act of energy and bravery. They must swim through the Brooks River and throw themselves up a six-foot waterfall while avoiding the massive brown bears that come here to feed on these delicious fish.

There is a viewing platform at Brooks Falls for tourists to see the spectacle of bears waiting to feed on fish. On a visit, a tourist may see __3__ fifteen bears settle there, patiently awaiting a salmon to throw itself up the falls and into their mouth. Often a salmon can’t get the angle right—instead of jumping over the falls, it dives right into the falling water, only to start over. If one leaps close enough to a bear, the bear will __4__ it in midair and swallow it, storing up fat for the long Alaskan winter. If the bears spot a sockeye in the water, it will jump headfirst into the river, holding the fish to the rocks with its giant paws, and then returning to land satisfied with a bit of sashimi for lunch.

All of this danger in the midst of the journey doesn’t __5__ the salmon __5__ attempting the great leap from their birthplace, so that they may give birth, continuing the cycle of life.

( 1 ) ( ) (A) whom (B) what (C) where (D) which

( 2 ) ( ) (A) Getting (B) Get (C) To get (D) Gotten ( 3 ) ( ) (A) as many as (B) as much as (C) as well as (D) as long as ( 4 ) ( ) (A) transport (B) grab (C) awe (D) inhabit ( 5 ) ( ) (A) inform; of (B) convince; of (C) save; from (D) stop; from 答案: ( 1 ) C ( 2 ) C ( 3 ) A ( 4 ) B ( 5 ) D

9. In many parts of the world, people struggle to grow crops in areas that are rocky, infertile, or ___1___ difficult to farm. Often, it is necessary for them to seek additional food sources. It is for this reason ___2___ the Tao, an indigenous tribe of Taiwan, value the sea

that surrounds their Orchid Island home. Not only is the ocean important for transportation and trade, but its significance to the Tao also is unique. They have gotten used to relying on fishing as a way of adding ___3___ to their diet.

Each spring when the Kuroshio Current brings masses of flying fish, the Tao enjoy their most bountiful season. During this time, the Tao’s ocean loving culture comes ___4___ with ceremonies and rituals. Before setting sail, tribesmen will get together to carve wooden boats, decorate them with beautiful patterns, and express appreciation to their god for the flying fish.

Today, traditional Tao culture is threatened by technology, tourism, and environmental conditions. Hopefully their god will continue sending them ___5___ of flying fish that help keep the tribe and its culture alive.

( 1 ) ( ) (A) otherwise (B) whether (C) thus (D) finally

( 2 ) ( ) (A) which (B) what (C) when (D) that

( 3 ) ( ) (A) donation (B) protein (C) hostility (D) glory ( 4 ) ( ) (A) beneficial (B) complex (C) alive (D) stranded ( 5 ) ( ) (A) flocks (B) crowds (C) schools (D) groups 答案: ( 1 ) A ( 2 ) D ( 3 ) B ( 4 ) C ( 5 ) C

10. The island of Ireland has been settled for about nine thousand years, but its biggest cultural influence came a little more than two thousand years ago when the Celts invaded. They united the island __1__ a common language (Irish, or Gaelic). Irish is still an official language of Ireland __2__ most people speak English. In the fifth century, Ireland’s second biggest __3__ came along: Saint Patrick brought the Christian religion to the Irish. Today, about 95% of the population is Roman Catholic and Saint Patrick’s Day is the most important national holiday. In more recent centuries, Ireland has had a long and bitter struggle with the British. Britain __4__ Ireland in the twelfth century and there was an on-again, off-again struggle for independence thereafter until a peace agreement in 1922. Ireland is a beautiful country of green rolling hills, lakes, and gentle mountains __5__ the gray northern seas. Even beyond its physical beauty, Ireland is a land of rich culture that will entertain and welcome you.

( 1 ) ( ) (A) of (B) by (C) under (D) for

( 2 ) ( ) (A) after (B) even (C) unless (D) although ( 3 ) ( ) (A) influence (B) enemy (C) illness (D) reality ( 4 ) ( ) (A) took care of (B) took control of (C) turned over (D) dished out ( 5 ) ( ) (A) seeing (B) changing (C) meeting (D) launching 答案: ( 1 ) C ( 2 ) D ( 3 ) A ( 4 ) B ( 5 ) C

11. There are some people who literally have no sense of time. They are always late. Some get a rush out of pushing things to the last minute and others just can’t help themselves. Whatever their reason may be, people who are late ___1___ both themselves and others ___1___ time.


7 / 16 Employees who can’t show up for their work shift on time will find themselves in trouble

with their manager. Being late can lead to less pay, a demotion (降職), or even being fired. At home, family members may feel disrespected by someone who fails to be ___2___ they promised to be. For instance, the child whose mother merely picks him or her up on time might start to feel unloved. Being late also makes ___3___ difficult to enjoy movies, concerts, and other events.

Is there any hope for the ___4___ late? Yes, for those who are tired of hearing the ticking of the clock all the time, there are ways to ___5___. First, plan to be fifteen minutes early for everything by setting clock ahead. If that doesn’t work, write out a schedule for the day, detailing start and end times. Since most people underestimate the amount of time it takes to do something, this also cause delay. It’s time that the late learned how to be on time! ( 1 ) ( ) (A) inform . . . of (B) warn . . . of

(C) rob . . . of (D) remind . . . of

( 2 ) ( ) (A) what (B) where (C) when (D) whom

( 3 ) ( ) (A) it (B) × (C) that (D) which

( 4 ) ( ) (A) ultimately (B) extremely (C) fortunately (D) chronically ( 5 ) ( ) (A) conform (B) inform (C) reform (D) deform 答案: ( 1 ) C ( 2 ) B ( 3 ) A ( 4 ) D ( 5 ) C

12. Founded around 600 B.C., Pompeii became a Roman colony in 80 B.C. Pompeii was very close to the volcano Vesuvius, but people were neither afraid __1__ worried. The Romans, who were always trying to interpret the gods’ will in order to prevent disasters, were not prepared for what was about to happen. __2__ clear warning signs before the eruption, like a terrible earthquake in 1963, the inhabitants were caught by surprise. In 1979, Vesuvius erupted, projecting wet ashes and toxic gas. The eruption lasted one day, changing the course of the local river and __3__ the sea beach.

The experience was scary and the Romans were unable to rebuild the town. But even buried, Pompeii could not be protected __4__ greed: thieves have managed to steal most of the valuable objects that remained on the site. Pompeii was only rediscovered in 1748, seventeen centuries after its destruction. Many buildings, temples and wall paintings, preserved by the ashes, have been found, __5__ us a rare opportunity to understand Roman everyday life in a provincial city 2,000 years ago. Pompeii is not only a rare chance for historians to understand Roman society and culture, but also an exceptional spot, attracting millions of tourists who are fascinated by this extraordinary city.

( 1 ) ( ) (A) either (B) and (C) nor (D) or

( 2 ) ( ) (A) Even though (B) Even (C) Without (D) Despite ( 3 ) ( ) (A) raising (B) rising (C) arousing (D) arising

( 4 ) ( ) (A) of (B) over (C) from (D) by

( 5 ) ( ) (A) offers (B) offering (C) it offers (D) and offering 答案: ( 1 ) C ( 2 ) D ( 3 ) A ( 4 ) C ( 5 ) B

13. Although most children enjoy going to school, some students find it to be a scary experience. These children may suffer from a disease __1__ school phobia. Students with this disease have trouble facing difficulties in school and often find reasons to miss class. But these students are not lazy. In many cases, school phobia can begin when there are problems in their family or when they are frightened by school bullies. There are many possible __2__ that show students are phobia-prone at school. One sign among children who may have school phobia is that they often complain about being sick on school days. However, during the weekends, they feel fine. __3__ major signs include loss of sleep and fear of being alone. It is important for parents and teachers to understand that students with school phobia are going through a very difficult time. School phobia can’t only prevent students from getting a good education but also stop them from making new friends. The first step in curing school phobia is to find out __4__ the student is afraid of going to school. From there, parents and teachers can make a plan to help them get better. School phobia usually does not last __5__. As the student gets older, his or her fear of school will often go away. If school phobia continues, they may need to speak with a psychologist for more help.

( 1 ) ( ) (A) which known as (B) which known for (C) known as (D) known for ( 2 ) ( ) (A) signatures (B) sighs (C) signs (D) signals ( 3 ) ( ) (A) Other (B) The other (C) Another (D) Such

( 4 ) ( ) (A) what (B) why (C) how (D) where

( 5 ) ( ) (A) for the time being (B) for a while (C) for the years to come (D) for good 答案: ( 1 ) C ( 2 ) C ( 3 ) A ( 4 ) B ( 5 ) D

14. The word “pacing” means setting the right speed. Runners must pace themselves to win their races. They must avoid mistakes like going too fast at the beginning; __1__, they might get too tired to make a good finish. Pacing is also important in school, because, like athletes, students must pace themselves to finish their school program. Runners pace

themselves by learning how to manage their time during training and races. __2__, students can pace themselves through managing their time for study, such as setting up time for social activities on weekends and reserving weeknights for studying.

__3__ themselves effectively, athletes must know where and when and how much power to use so that they can finish and win the events. Similarly, it is important for students to set a pace __4__ they can continue working to finish school. Just as running too fast in a marathon can make reaching the finish line hard, students who take on too many classes can decrease their motivation for study. __5__, it’s better for students to take only the number of classes they can successfully pass because this will keep them motivated toward finishing school. Pacing is definitely the key to finishing everything we start in life.

( 1 ) ( ) (A) instead (B) however (C) otherwise (D) furthermore ( 2 ) ( ) (A) On the contrary (B) By the same token

(C) By contrast (D) In other words


8 / 16 ( 4 ) ( ) (A) when (B) in which (C) how (D) at which

( 5 ) ( ) (A) Therefore (B) Nevertheless (C) Additionally (D) Likewise 答案: ( 1 ) C ( 2 ) B ( 3 ) D ( 4 ) D ( 5 ) A

15. For hundreds of years the Tao have relied on their hand to build canoes to carry them out to sea to catch fish. Artfully designed and delicately crafted, canoe building has a(n) ___1___ history in the Tao culture. For the Tao, canoes are not just a ___2___ for fishing─ they also symbolize the people.

Traditional canoes are built out of wood, using up to 30 different pieces and taking months to complete. Each canoe is designed differently, but all feature elaborate carvings and paintings which are ___3___ the classic Tao colors of red, black, and white. The complex patterns─wavy lines, concentric circles, triangles, human figures and many more─all hold meaning for this particular clan.

The elders passing away, the art of building a Tao canoe is slowly ___4___. Young people do not have much interest in the craft. Many of them now live in Taiwan and return home only for festivals. The Tao are___5___ connected to the sea. If the skills in building their canoes are lost, their culture may be lost too.

( 1 ) ( ) (A) instant (B) invisible (C) material (D) rich ( 2 ) ( ) (A) means (B) talent (C) inquiry (D) innovation ( 3 ) ( ) (A) through (B) in (C) between (D) along ( 4 ) ( ) (A) to lose (B) lose (C) to be lost (D) being lost ( 5 ) ( ) (A) hardly (B) somehow (C) deeply (D) shortly 答案: ( 1 ) D ( 2 ) A ( 3 ) B ( 4 ) D ( 5 ) C

16. For more and more people, the traditional kind of tourism is becoming rather stale and unexciting. No more hotels, strolling __1__ ruins, taking photos of popular scenery, and buying souvenirs for them. Instead, they’d like to experience a different kind of exploration. They would __2__ like to explore various cultures and environments, but they are also interested in self-discovery. It is no wonder, therefore, __3__ their vacations are called “adventure” and “extreme” holidays.

Adventure holidays are obviously action-packed. They usually __4__ demanding physical activities like hiking, trekking or cycling. The point of these tours isn’t to make you feel relaxed or cultivated. They are to make you feel the rush of life by bringing you close to nature and actually experiencing other ways of life. So there are cycling tours that have you pedal through the Great Wall of China. If cycling is too easy for you, you can opt for tough hiking. Some tour __5__ offer hikes up Mount Kilimanjaro, “the roof of Africa.” One can even take long bus rides across deserts or on the Silk Road.

( 1 ) ( ) (A) at (B) to (C) from (D) among

( 2 ) ( ) (A) certainly (B) eventually (C) surprisingly (D) hardly

( 3 ) ( ) (A) why (B) what (C) that (D) how

( 4 ) ( ) (A) conclude (B) involve (C) instruct (D) affect

( 5 ) ( ) (A) sights (B) guides (C) events (D) packages 答案: ( 1 ) D ( 2 ) A ( 3 ) C ( 4 ) B ( 5 ) D

Vocabulary 4500 Unit 8

I.配 合 題 ( 每 題 4 分 )

(A) journal (B) angle (C) password

(D) grain (E) Bible (F) sin

1. He approached the issue from a different .

2. If you drop any rice, you'll have to pick up every single .

3. You need to enter your username and to log in to your email account. 4. The is the holy book of the Jewish and Christian religions.

5. The Ph.D. students have to publish at least a paper in a prestigious academic before they can get their degree.

(A) scheduled (B) surveyed (C) gestured

(D) relaxed (E) profited (F) competed

6. He toward the door and said, "Now get out."

7. Some industries, such as shipbuilding, clearly from the war. 8. Athletes from around 200 counties in the Olympic Games. 9. The singer's next album is for release in September. 10. Of the 1007 people , 74% supported the decision.

(A) palace (B) territory (C) heaven

(D) air force (E) violence (F) dirt

11. Taiwan became Japanese after the First Sino-Japanese War in 1895. 12. The queen and her family live in the grand made of marble.


9 / 16 13. He joined the because of his love of flying.

14. What a lovely couple! They are a match made in .

15. I did not get the car's number because the license plate was covered with .

II.文 意字 彙 ( 每 題 4 分 )

16. There was a terrible gun fight. Some of the cars at the scene were covered with b t holes.

17. It is said that Adam and Eve were expelled from p se for eating an apple.

18. The FBI has been called in to i te the murder. 19. Thanks so much for your help. I really a te it.

20. A h n is someone who is an authority on history; they study it and usually write about it.

III.選 擇題 ( 每 題 4 分 )

21. The teacher provided background information by explaining how significant

this discovery was in the field of chemistry.

(A) violently (B) ideally

(C) historically (D) roughly

22. The police released the suspect because there was not enough that he had

stolen the lady's purse.

(A) proof (B) entry

(C) mood (D) navy

23. When you join the club and pay the fee, you will be issued a card.

(A) universe (B) membership

(C) wisdom (D) introduction

24. LeBron James was as the best player in NBA by ESPN.

(A) peeped (B) owed

(C) ranked (D) stirred

25. Could you give me a(n) idea when you'll be home? I'll call you after you get


(A) electronic (B) historic

(C) rough (D) violent

Unit 9

I.配 合 題 ( 每 題 4 分 )

(A) channels (B) tissues (C) blankets

(D) heels (E) maids (F) nerves

1. Please do not flush down the toilet. They may clog it up.

2. Whenever she wore high , she was taller than the men she worked with.

3. In the remote mountains, many families are too poor to buy to keep them warm in the cold winter.

4. A lot of people switch during TV commercials. 5. The man drank a large glass of wine to calm his .

(A) smoothed (B) refilled (C) impressed

(D) blamed (E) admired (F) reserved

6. We have tried the new product and we're by it. 7. We a table by the window at the restaurant. 8. He the wooden board with sandpaper.

9. Many women their husbands' violence on drinking. 10. The waiter our wine glasses when they were empty.


10 / 16

(D) sake (E) flesh (F) prayer

11. The of the peach is sweet and juicy. 12. The physics textbook is now in its fourth 13. He moved to the seaside for the of his health.

14. God must have been moved by my sincerity for my was answered. 15. She was sitting in the of a large oak tree.

II.文 意字 彙 ( 每 題 4 分 )

16. She is crazy about shoes. She can never r t buying new ones. 17. They are trying to find an arrangement that is sa ry to both sides.

18. Actually, I know very little about this topic, so I can't give you an a te answer to the question.

19. Your teacher can give you g ce on choosing a career and writing a job application.

20. It is d le for the manufacturer to keep the production cost as low as possible.

III.選 擇題 ( 每 題 4 分 )

21. I bought this vehicle from a car that I had bought several cars from.

(A) trader (B) merchant

(C) dealer (D) businessman

22. The school is in need of some new computers for the computer course they

are offering.

(A) smoothly (B) badly

(C) shortly (D) steadily

23. Taiwan used to be a of Japan.

(A) colony (B) border

(C) trail (D) trace

24. Shooting stars are to the naked eye. You don't need a telescope to see them.

(A) impressive (B) shady

(C) visible (D) efficient

25. The woman crumpled the letter and it into the trash basket.

(A) melted (B) tossed

(C) punched (D) glanced

Unit 10

I.配 合 題 ( 每 題 4 分 )

(A) furniture (B) billion (C) fate

(D) horn (E) challenge (F) lung

1. He saw any difficulty as a , and refused to be defeated by any of them. 2. The driver behind me honked the because I was driving too slowly. 3. I am worried about the of human beings if we continue to harm the earth. 4. I helped her choose for her new house.

5. There are 1.3 people in China.

(A) captures (B) rely (C) behaves

(D) found (E) paused (F) roast

6. The novel successfully readers' attention as the story unfolds.

7. The teacher for a few seconds and signaled some students to keep quiet. 8. He always keeps his word. He is the kind of person you can on.

9. Her next goal is to a scholarship to help poor children with tuition fees. 10. The little boy well at school but badly at home.

(A) suitable (B) automatic (C) temporary

(D) evil (E) classical (F) innocent


11 / 16 12. The suspect insisted that he was and that he should be set free at once.

13. The book is easy and therefore for beginners.

14. The building will be our classrooms until the new classrooms are constructed. 15. The washing machine is . All you have to do is press a button.

II.文 意字 彙 ( 每 題 4 分 )

16. I tried very hard to live up to my parents' ex ns. 17. If you have any questions, don't he te to ask me.

18. I live in the s bs and have to commute to work downtown every day.

19. Taiwan used to as t many countries in agriculture. 20. He is a young man full of am n.

III.選 擇題 ( 每 題 4 分 )

21. Chinese is the language with the most speakers.

(A) reliable (B) challenging

(C) native (D) scarce

22. I was surprised at my father's when he saw my school report. He was not

angry at all.

(A) devil (B) reaction

(C) survival (D) millionaire

23. You have to the length of your speech to three minutes.

(A) dine (B) restrict

(C) graduate (D) scatter

24. I can't the meaning of the poem. It's too abstract.

(A) grasp (B) seize

(C) grab (D) strip

25. People from southern part of the U.S.A. have noticeable accents.

(A) unexpected (B) remote

(C) holy (D) regional

Unit 11

I.配 合 題 ( 每 題 4 分 )

(A) journey (B) mystery (C) arrival

(D) scream (E) campus (F) mixture

1. Freshmen of certain universities are required to live on for the first year. 2. We are waiting for the of the train on the platform.

3. Life is like a(n) . We meet interesting people along the way, but also encounter difficulties.

4. The writer's latest novel is a strange of poetry and fiction. 5. Scientists are still trying to uncover the of the deep ocean.

(A) scary (B) eager (C) secondary

(D) romantic (E) harmful (F) precious

6. The book offers some tips for being without spending much money. 7. Walking by a graveyard in the middle of the night is pretty .

8. Too much protein can be to your health.

9. I record my childhood memories in my blog. 10. The low prices attract a lot of buyers.

(A) swore (B) spun (C) roared

(D) breathe (E) wipe (F) trembled

11. Johnny on his life that he had already told us everything he knew. 12. I was so nervous that I felt I almost couldn't .


12 / 16 14. The little girl with fear and was unable to say anything.

15. My head when I stood up suddenly.

II.文 意字 彙 ( 每 題 4 分 )

16. My boring life makes me feel I have lost my pa n for everything. 17. The old sailor told his grandson many stories about his a es at sea. 18. The interior designer helped me furnish my home on a tight

bu t.

19. Take a good rest and you will re r from the cold soon. 20. The mother helps the kid sq e out some toothpaste onto his


III.選 擇題 ( 每 題 4 分 )

21. The policy took a new after a meeting of the school executives.

(A) twist (B) jet

(C) yell (D) riddle

22. The police still don't have any about the case.

(A) barrel (B) flame

(C) clue (D) harm

23. Steven Spielberg has won the Academy for Best Director twice.

(A) Client (B) Warmth

(C) Scarf (D) Award

24. He visualized how beautiful his would be in that wedding dress.

(A) verse (B) bride

(C) scoop (D) studio

25. He is very stubborn. Don't trying to convince him.

(A) catch your breath (B) waste your breath (C) take a deep breath (D) hold your breath

Unit 12

I.配 合 題 ( 每 題 4 分 )

(A) noble (B) casual (C) doubtful

(D) striking (E) bare (F) shiny

1. There are some similarities between Leonardo da Vinci and Mona Lisa in their appearance.

2. Everything looks after the shower washes away the dust.

3. Being born with a silver spoon leads to her attitude toward money. 4. She gave away every cent she saved to the poor. This is indeed a deed. 5. I am about whether he can afford the car.

(A) crawl (B) renew (C) repair

(D) brag (E) fade (F) leap

6. I need to the lease with my landlord every year. 7. The mechanic tried to the damage to the engine.

8. A man of action won't about things he has not achieved. 9. The jeans to light blue after being washed many times. 10. Babies have to before they learn to walk.

(A) bubble (B) radar (C) barn

(D) mayor (E) powder (F) leather

11. The bag is made of genuine .

12. Mix the instant milk with some hot water, and you will get a cup of hot milk. 13. All the other vessels within this area will show up on the screen.

14. The newly elected will give his inauguration speech next Monday. 15. Chewing gum is not allowed on the MRT.


13 / 16

II.文 意字 彙 ( 每 題 4 分 )

16. The meeting has lasted for three hours. I start to lose my p ce. 17. The magician made the beautiful assistant va h in a flash. 18. You have to find the most effective learning st y for yourself. 19. Cooking, washing, and cleaning seem to be the daily r e for every


20. Most families eat out to ce te Mother's Day or Father's Day. III.選 擇題 ( 每 題 4 分 )

21. Some countries have already banned the of American beef.

(A) import (B) export

(C) cabin (D) hut

22. Hollow things on water, while solid things sink into water.

(A) creep (B) march

(C) cycle (D) float

23. Cellphones used to be called phones.

(A) patient (B) unlikely

(C) mobile (D) plastic

24. is vital for this country's economy since it is lacking in natural resources.

(A) Priest (B) Tourist

(C) Parade (D) Tourism

25. Some women turn to to achieve perfect looks.

(A) casual wear (B) plastic surgery

(C) digital video disk (D) compact disk

Unit 13

I.配 合 題 ( 每 題 4 分 )

(A) boots (B) shovels (C) statues

(D) mills (E) cheeks (F) marbles

1. Colorful shine like jewels under the bright sun.

2. In the past, people used wind to grind wheat into flour.

3. There are of various Greek gods and goddesses in the beautiful garden. 4. On cold or rainy days, I like to wear to keep my feet dry and warm. 5. I slapped my own face to keep myself awake, so my were red.

(A) faint (B) wealthy (C) acceptable

(D) vivid (E) mature (F) meaningful

6. Though it is not very cheap, the price is . OK, I will take it. 7. Cleaning the beach and helping the old are both activities. 8. It was very dark that night, with only the light from the moon. 9. Citizens under the age of twenty are not considered enough to vote.

10. With her description, it seemed that everything happened right before us.

(A) delivery (B) laughter (C) agriculture

(D) cocktail (E) complaint (F) ambassador

11. After hearing the funny joke, we burst into .

12. He drank a lot of at the reception party, and feels a little dizzy now. 13. The modernization of helps reduce labor required and produce more food. 14. The store offers free for any item you purchase. It is very convenient. 15. He is asked to do a lot more work than others, but he never makes any .

II.文 意字 彙 ( 每 題 4 分 )

16. I am overweight, so my wife insists that I go on a d t.

17. Of the seven co ts, Asia is the largest one, while Australia is the smallest.


14 / 16 said.

19. They are sisters, but they have no si tiesin appearance or


20. It was a mi e that no one was hurt in the terrible gun fight.

III.選 擇題 ( 每 題 4 分 )

21. They dug a deep hole and the time capsule in it.

(A) rented (B) sipped

(C) buried (D) wept

22. Before the invention of cameras, painting was the only way to record a

person's appearance.

(A) portrait (B) living

(C) injury (D) crash

23. Though he was angry and hurt, he that he didn't care at all.

(A) whipped (B) wandered

(C) disliked (D) pretended

24. You are so lucky to be with beauty and intelligence.

(A) injured (B) blessed

(C) grinned (D) vanished

25. My grandpa died at the age of 104. He surely lived to a old age.

(A) ripe (B) farther

(C) lively (D) drunken

Idioms: Unit 1-2

選出一個最適當的答案:每題 5 分,共 50 分

( )1. His chances of victory are, _________________, uncertain. However, he always has full confidence in himself.

(A) at length (B) at first (C) at work (D) at best

( )2. Quite _____________________, she came up with a brilliantly simple solution to finally solve the problems.

(A) by air (B) by mail (C) by accident (D) at best ( )3. The flowers are sent all over the country__________.

(A) by air (B) by chance (C) by accident (D) at most ( )4 . _____________________, the day came on which we were to leave.

(A) At first (B) At best (C) At length D At the end ( )5. The matter will be discussed __________________ this evening.

(A) to and fro (B) at worst

(C) at greater work D at greater length

( )6. The whole process will take half an hour ________________; it won’t take much trouble.

(A) at most (B) at length (C) up and down D in the beginning

( )7. After a period of time of thought, we decided not to go abroad for further studies.

(A) at the end (B) in the end (C) in the beginning D at the beginning ( )8. The second-graders have a play period right after lunch. Therefore, the teachers

are asked to watch the children ____________________ in the schoolyard. (A) at first (B) at best (C) at play D at last

( )9. The new-built port is ___________________ handling 10 million tons of coal a year.

(A) able to (B) capable of (C) sorry for D familiar to

( )10. He is a skillful and experienced negotiator. He ______________ doing something that involves complicated situations between people.

(A) is slow at(B) is very good at (C) is very good for D is sick with


15 / 16

每題 5 分,共 50 分

1 最近的減稅措施將有助於生意。我深信它會對我們有很大的助益。

The recent tax cuts will be good for business. I deeply believe it would ________ us all a lot of _________.

2 不知怎麼我最近很厭倦聽到政治。

Somehow I’m ________ ________ hearing about politics recently. 3 有關汙染的法律各國大有不同。

Laws on pollution _________ widely _________ one country to another. 4 這位作家想當然地認為他的讀者熟悉某些基礎觀念。

The author assumes that his readers are ________ ________ certain basic concepts. 5 在臺灣,哈利波特的名字許多年輕的讀者很熟悉。

The name Harry Potter is ________ ________ many young readers in Taiwan. 6 從好處想的話麥克是個傻瓜,從壞處想則是個罪犯。

Michael is a fool at the best ; however, ________ ________ he’s a criminal. 7 我們偶爾會在大廳碰巧相遇。

Occasionally we would meet ________ ________ in the hall. 8 高中生每天至少要讀兩個小時的書。

High school students should spend _______ ________ two hours studying every day. 9. 英語不同於西班牙語,是因為英語的發音不適依書寫形式。

English ________ ________ Spanish in that it is not pronounced as it is written. 10. 我不擅長畫畫,但是我喜歡美術課。

I am not ________ _______ painting, but I like the art class.


選一個適當的片語,將其正確的形式填入空格內:每題 4 分,共 40 分

such as In the open air In the air on the air for instance

that is above all by the way first of all in reality 1 __________ , I don’t think it’s possible, and secondly we can’t afford it.

2 You must take care of yourself. _________; pay attention to your personal hygiene. 3 They have been married just for three months, but it is _________ that they may get


4 You can watch TV all day long because many TV stations are ________ 24 hours a day. 5 Professionals _________ doctors and lawyers need to study many years.

6 The fare is reduced for children, _________, anyone under 12 years old. 7 There are many nice movies playing at the theaters in Kaohsiung right now.

__________ , have you ever seen the movie“Cold Mountain”?

8 There are several interesting places to visit around here — the National Palace Museum, _________.

9 I like to go picnicking. Somehow, food eaten _________ tastes much better. 10 She says she’s poor but _________ she has a lot of money.

2 翻譯填充 每格 3 分,共 60 分 1 她已經缺課三星期了。

She has been _________ ________ school for three weeks. 2 公車駕駛對乘客的安全負有責任。

A bus driver is _________ ________ the safety of the passengers. 3 日本的天然資源不豐富。

Japan is not ________ ________ natural resources. 4 火車前往臺北的途中一直都很擁擠。

The train was crowded all _______ ________ to Taipei. 5 他看起來很年輕,但實際上已經快六十歲了。

He looks young, but actually he is ________ ________ sixty. 6 他是個學識淵博的人,也就是說是一部活字典。


16 / 16 7 我不能幫你,第一,因為我自己很忙。

I can’t help you. To ________ _________, I’m busy myself. 8 我不想吃蝦仁沙拉,事實上我正在節食。

I don’t care for any shrimp salad. As a matter ________ _______, I’m on a diet. 9 我曾去過一些歐洲國家,像法國、德國、義大利等。

I’ve been to several countries in Europe, _________ _________ France, Germany, and Italy. 10 她沒有成功,但畢竟那是她第一次嘗試。

She did not succeed, but _________ ________, that was her first attempt.