Director of the Office of Planning and Coordination Appointed for the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology



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Press Release 4

Director of the Office of Planning and Coordination

Appointed for the Hong Kong Universitv of Science and Technology

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology announces

today the appointment of Professor Peter Norman DOBSON, Jr.


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C$.$)$$J as Dir ector of the Office of Planning and Coordination.

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Prof Dobson has held a number of administrative positions in

the University of Hawaii's state-wide system of higher education

including Vice President of Academic Affairs, as Chancellor of

one of the state's four-year campuses, and currently serves as

tenured Professor of Physics and Provost of one‘of the state's

community colleges.

During his years in university administration, Prof Dobson

was involved in major planning projects such as the Hawaii Nauna

Kea Science Reserve Development Plan which formed the basis for

developing the site housing more than ten major astronomical

instruments and where the. world's largest telescope is under

construction. He led

-7% the University's development of a State

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=- -2 Higher Education Plan and has recently completed the Educational ..- -

Development Plan for Leeward Community College, the campus he

now heads.

Prof Dobson earned his BA in Physics from the

Massachusetts Institute of Technology and his PhD from the

University of Maryland. He spent two years, 1984-86, consulting

in China and Hong Kong for an American computer company. He is

married and has two daughters and a son, all in their twenties,

living in California. ,


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"While I have enjoyed contributing to some of the

accomplishments of the impressive growth at the University of

Hawaii, nothing I have done compares to the creation of a new

university. This is an immense undertaking and being part of it

is a once in a lifetime opportunity;"

As Director of the Office of Planning and Coordination,

Prof. Dobson serves as a member of the Vice Chancellor's staff,

supporting the planning and implementin, = activities directed by

senior management officers. The planning office helps to look

at the long- range issues, identify the significant decisions

that have to be made, and convert the results into long usable

products. This frees the officers and operational managers, for

the day-to-day responsibilities that compete for their


The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

.7 .k

r -3 16 May 1989