國立台東高級中學 102 學年度 第二次期中考高二英文科考卷 B 卷

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國立台東高級中學 102 學年度 第二次期中考高二英文科考卷 B 卷

103. 05.15


適用班級:203、204、207、208 畫卡 是■ 否□

I、文法選擇:10 題,每題 1 分,共 10 分。

1. The ex-convict any crime since he was released from prison.

(A) isn’t committed (B) won’t commit (C) hasn’t committed (D) never committed 2. , Lucy intends to order another serving.

(A) To be satisfied (B) She is unsatisfied (C) Unsatisfied (D) Be unsatisfied 3. Everybody returns to their seat and sits still the teacher shows up.

(A) As soon as (B) as though (C) by the time (D) in spite of the fact that 4. Becky takes the bus to school once in a while. (選出語意與題目相同的句子)

(A) Becky always takes the bus to school. (B) Becky never takes the bus to school.

(C) Becky sometimes takes the bus to school. (D) Becky used to take the bus to school.

5. The you lie, the you are to be distrusted.

(A) more; more (B) more likely; more often

(C) more often; more likely (D) more likely; more likely 6. Jim loves reading. He goes out without a book at hand.

(A) X (B)always (C) doesn’t (D) never

7. As a mother, Mary her family the most important thing in her life.

(A) considers (B) takes (C) regards (D) thinks of

8. Only when I lose health do I realize I’ve long ignored my obesity I never have a balanced diet.

(A) as though (B) as a result from (C) and that (D) in order that 9. Do you see a man sit over there with ?

(A) a bag putting beside (B) two hands crossed (C) opening his eyes (D) the cigarette smoking 10. By the time I arrived at the station, the train .

(A) departed (B) had departed (C) has departed (D) already departs

II、綜合測驗:25 題,每題 1 分,共 25 分。


Convenience store chains are definitely a common sight in Taiwan. It (11) no surprise, then, that people can see two convenience stores on one block in Taiwan’s bustling cities. Even in quiet towns, there always seems to be (12) one

convenience store open for business. It is no wonder, then, that the number of convenience store is on the (13) in Taiwan.

Another common sight is that convenience stores are more often than not crowded with people, (14) during meal time. Some people never start their day (15) first stopping at a convenience store for a cup of coffee.

Indeed, the wide variety of services that convenience stores offer has contributed to their popularity. These services allow people (16) care of their daily needs in one convenience place. Besides buying different types of food and drinks, people can shop on the Internet and pick up (17) they have bought online at a nearby convenience store. People can also pre-order many different items, (18) from local cuisine to concert tickets. Best of all, customers can take good advantage of these services (19) because convenience stores are open twenty-four hours a day.

11. (A) comes (B) serves with (C) serves (D) comes as

12. (A) at most (B) at best (C) at last (D) at least

13. (A) improvement (B) decrease (C) increase (D) including

14. (A) surprisingly (B) astonishingly (C) amazingly (D) especially

15. (A) with (B) by (C) without (D) for

16. (A) taking (B) to take (C) take (D) took

17. (A) what (B) who (C) which (D) when

18. (A) ranged (B) which are ranged (C) which ranging (D) ranging 19. (A) at all times (B) at a time (C) at no time (D) at times


To my great (20) , the bishop of Digne offered his help to me with open arms. He not only invited me to spend the night


at his place (21) also prepared a delicious dinner for me. However, his kindness didn’t (22) my inner urge to steal.

Thinking about his silverware and the candlesticks all night, I couldn’t help (23) them in the middle of the night. Although the bishop was not angry with me and told me that he had bought my soul for God, my thoughts centered on prison and on my (24) life. I doubted (25) I, an ex-convict, deserved a brand new life.

20. (A) surprising (B) surprised (C) surprise (D) surprisingly

21. (A) and (B) X (C) but (D) or

22. (A) cast out (B) run out (C) carry out (D) drive out

23. (A) steal (B) to steal (C) but steal (D) but stealing

24. (A) waste (B) wasting (C) wasted (D) wastes

25. (A) matter (B) whether (C) weather (D) wonder


Oliver Twist is a poor orphan who lives in England during the Industrial Revolution. At the place (26) he works, some other boys bully him. They tell him to ask for more food at lunch. When he (27) , he’s kicked out of the working place. Oliver walks to London, where a man (28) Fagin helps him. Fagin gives boys a place to stay, but forces them to pick pockets for him.

Oliver tries to, and is soon arrested. The old man Oliver tried to steal from, Mr. Brownlow, feels bad for Oliver and (29) him.

One day, a mysterious man explains Oliver’s past. It (30) that his parents are rich. He gets some money from them and then goes to live happily in the countryside.

26. (A) when (B) who (C) where (D) how

27. (A) does (B) will (C) might (D) can

28. (A) who named (B) named (C) is named (D) names

29. (A) adapts (B) adopts (C) adapt (D) adopt

30. (A) in turns (B) turns in (C) turns out (D) takes turns


In this busy world, it’s nice to slow down a bit. A great way to do this is by watching the slow Meet the Sloths. Sloths are lazy animals (31) just hang out in trees all day. In Costa Rico, the Sloth Sanctuary provides a safe home (32) sloths that get sick or lose their parents. The first guest here was a three-toed sloth (33) Buttercup. Amazingly, Buttercup is still alive today. In addition, the sanctuary is home to more than 100 other sloths. This is an interesting place, and is helping scientists (34) more about sloths. For example, we learn that sloths take up to one month to (35) food. This information might also explain why sloths don’t move very quickly.

31. (A) that (B) what (C) who (D) how

32. (A) to (B) for (C) in (D) of

33. (A) names (B) that names (C) that was named (D) was names

34. (A) learning (B) learned (C) learns (D) learn

35. (A) digest (B) afford (C) devote (D) absorb

III. 文意選填(每題 1 分 共 10 分)

There is something terrible in the ocean: the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. It is a giant (36) of plastic trash that humans have thrown away. It sounds bad, looks (37) , and is very dangerous for (38) . Birds often mistake the trash (39) food and try to eat it. After eating this (40) , the birds have health problem and die.

Scientist s wanted to learn more about the (41) of this trash so they studied the albatross birds on the Midway Atoll. It was found that about a third of these birds die young (42) eating trash. Many dead birds can be found on the beach with

stomachs (43) of trash. Now that we know the effect this trash is (44) , many countries should work together to (45 the problem.

(A) effect (B) solve (C) collection (D) ugly (E) having (AB) full (AC) junk (AD) for (AE) wildlife (BC) from

IV.閱讀測驗 (每題 2 分 共 16 分)



The familiar symbol is a big, round, red happy face standing behind a smaller yellow star who also wears a wide, friendly smile. Standing together above the company’s name, written in blue letters against a green and white background, these two friends would prefer that you think of them as “friendly”. Can you guess what we’re talking about?

The answer is the convenience store chain Family Mart, of course, a company well-known to readers and found in Japan, in 1981. Offering the usual range of products and services people expect from convenience stores, Family Mart has also profited from knowing how to tailor the food they offer to suit local tastes. Providing Korean customers with a wide range of kin chi snacks, Taiwanese people with Chinese tea eggs and porridge, and Thai consumers with spicy noodles has translated into huge success for Family Mart.

Family Mart is the number 3 chain in Japan, with 7, 604 stores, and is the number 1 chain in Korea, with 4, 621 stores.

Taiwan has an astonishing 2, 376 stores around the island! Family Mart has also moved into China, Thailand, Vietnam, and other countries. Worldwide, there are 15, 789 stores as of 2010!

46. This passage is mainly about .

(A) a well-known convenience store chain. (B) the smiling logo of Family Mart

(C) the variety of items offered in the convenience store. (D) how to successfully run a convenience store 47. Based on the passage, the reason Family Mart becomes so successful mainly lies in .

(A) widely setting up chain stores all around the world (B) providing costumers with smiles all the time

(C) knowing how to tailor the products catering to local tastes (D) selling tea eggs in every chain store around the world 48. Which of the following statements is NOT mentioned in the passage?

(A) Family Mart was founded in Japan around thirty years ago.

(B) Family Mart is the most welcome convenience store in Korea.

(C) Family Mart can be seen in many other countries.

(D) Family Mart is good at advertising their products.

49. According to the passage, if Family Mart had stores in Africa, which of the following statements is most likely to happen?

(A) Expensive snacks are available. (B) People can buy food like friend insects.

(C) Consumers have more choices in hot drinks than iced ones. (D) People eat with chopsticks in stores.


Two old men, both extremely ill, were hospital roommates. With little to do, they passed the time by chatting to each other and soon became good friends. For an hour or so every afternoon, one of the men, who lay next to the room’s only window, was able to sit up in his bed. He took this opportunity to describe to his roommate the picturesque scene outside of a lake surrounded by a park, and the comings and goings of the many people who passed by.

Each day, the man in the other bed looked forward to hearing his friend’s stories, and each day his friend would describe the world beyond the window with loving and descriptive detail.

One morning, the man awoke to the sad news that his friend by the window had died peacefully in his sleep. After a few days he asked to be moved to his friend’s old bed, so that he could now appreciate the view from the window himself. When he finally got to look outside, however, he found that the window faced nothing but a brick wall. He was mystified until the nurse explained to him that his friend had in fact been blind. The old man had simply been trying to bring a little life into their bare hospital room.

50. The old man lied to his hospital roommate because .

(A) he didn’t want his friend to know he was very ill (B) he was in the habit of telling lies to other people (C) he was trying to liven up their dull hospital life (D) he wanted to show his friend that he was well-informed 51. What does the word “mystified” in the last paragraph mean?

(A) Angered (B) Confused (C) Unknown (D) Pleased

52. Which of the following statements about the two old men is NOT true?

(A) The blind patient was allowed to sit up for an hour every day (B) The blind patient died before his roommate.

(C) There was almost nothing to do in the hospital room.

(D) Both knew their conversations about the outside world were lies.

53. What can most likely be inferred from the passage?

(A) Both the patients enjoyed each other’s company. (B) It’s quite common for blind people to have illusions.

(C) Blind people tend to be more creative than ordinary people. (D) The view from the hospital room was spectacular.


V. 文意字彙 (每題 2 分 共 22 分)

54. This pet hotel offers a n for pets while their owners are away.

55. The escaped c t was quickly captured and sent back to prison.

56. I searched everywhere, but I just couldn’t find my watch. It seems to have v ed without a trace.

57. Mr. Lee put an a t in the local newspaper so as to sell his house.

58. Tanya c ed yogurt with honey to make a tasty dessert.

59. Eating a chocolate bar once a week is b l to one’s health, since it can prevent blood vessels from becoming blocked.

60. Hearing a drunken man shouting outside my house, I can’t help but s r.

61. What m es you to do such a stupid thing? You should have thought twice before you act.

62. The whole journey was simply a n r, we lost our luggage, and, what’s worse, we were stranded at the airport for two days.

63. Before you leave, I want you to do an e d for me. Would you please go to the 7-11 on the corner to get me a cup of coffee?

64. Anna is still very upset and cannot stop b ding over why her boyfriend left her.

VI. 句子改寫(每題 2 分 共 6 分)

65. No matter what emergency you are in, you must stay calm.(請用 whatever 改寫) 66. The movie ended.

Cynthia cried several times before that. (請用 By the time 開頭改寫) 67. The police learned that the real murderer was still at large.

The police also learned that he was hiding in the mountains. (….and that…)

V I I . 翻 譯 題 ( 共 出 4 題 , 1 1 分 )

68. 這座城市裡沒有其他地方像這間咖啡廳一般令人放鬆。(No other….)(3 分)

69. 有了一種便利的「付款服務」,我可以在網路上購物並在我家附近的超商取貨。(4 分) 70. 我相信每個人都應得到第二次機會,每個人也應給別人第二次機會。(4 分)

國立台東高級中學 102 學年度 第二次期中考高二英文科 B 卷答案卷

103. 05.15



適用班級:203、204、207、208 班級: 座號: 姓名:

V. 文意字彙 (每題 2 分 共 22 分) 54.

accommodation 55.




















VI. 句子改寫(每題 2 分 共 6 分)

65. Whatever emergency you are in, you must stay calm.

66. By the time the movie ended, Cynthia had cried several times.

67. The police learned that the real murdered are still at large and that he was hiding in the mountains.

V I I . 翻 譯 題 ( 共 出 4 題 , 1 1 分 )

68. No other place in this city/ is as relaxing as /this coffee chop. (3 分)

69. With the convenient pay-on-pickup service,/ I can shop online /and pick up the product /in the convenience

store nearby. (4 分)

70. I believe that /everyone deserves the second chance, /and everyone should also gives/ others the second

chance. (4 分) 選擇題答案

1~5 CCACC 6~10 DACBB 11~15 DDCDC 16~20 BADAC 21~25 CDCCB 26~30 CABBC 31~35 ABCDA

36~45 C D (AE) (AD) (AC) A (BC) (AB) E B 46~50 ACDBC 51~53 BDA




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