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93 學測

1. 雖然Lily生來又瞎又聾,但她從來不氣餒。

Although/Though Lily was born blind and deaf, she never felt discouraged. 2. 她的故事證明了,我們只要努力必能成功。

Her case has proved that we can succeed as long as we work hard. 93 指考

1. 科技讓我們的生活更舒適,然而它也被利用來犯罪。

Technology makes our lives more comfortable, but it can also be used to commit crimes. 2. 根據最近的新聞報導,最常見的例子是網際網路詐財(Internet scams)。

According to the latest news report, the most common example is Internet scams. 94 學測

1. 人類對外太空所知非常有限,但長久以來我們對它卻很感興趣。

Human beings’ knowledge of the outer space is very limited, but we have been very interested in it for a long time.

2. 太空科技的快速發展,使我們得以探索它的奧秘。

The rapid development of space technology enables us to explore its mystery. 94 指考

1. 身為地球村的成員,我們不應把自己侷限在這個小島上。

As members of the global village, we should not limit ourselves to this small island.

2. 我們不但應該參與國際性的活動,並且應該展現我們自己的文化特色。

We should not only participate in international affairs but also display the distinctive features of our culture.

95 學測

1. 一般人都知道閱讀對孩子有益。

It is known that reading is of benefit to children.

2. 老師應該多鼓勵學生到圖書館借書。

Teachers should often encourage students to borrow books from the library. 95指考

1. 為提供一個無煙的用餐環境,許多餐廳不允許室內抽煙。

To provide a non-smoking dinning environment, a lot of restaurants don’t allow smoking indoors.

2. 雖然遭到許多癮君子的反對,這對不抽煙的人的確是一大福音。

Despite the fact that it is opposed to by many heavy/chain smokers, it is definitely good news to non-smokers.

96 學測

1. 如果我們只為自己而活,就不會真正地感到快樂。 If we live only for ourselves, we won’t truly be happy. 2. 當我們開始為他人著想,快樂之門自然會開啟。

When we start to think for others, the door to happiness will (naturally) open itself. 96指考

1. 大眾運輸的快速發展已逐漸縮短了都市和鄉村的距離。

The rapid development of public transportation has gradually shortened the distance between the city and the country.

2. 有了高速鐵路,我們可以在半天內往返台灣南北兩地。

With high-speed rail, we can travel from northern Taiwan to southern Taiwan and back in half a day.

97 學測

1. 聽音樂是一個你可以終生享受的嗜好。

Listening to music is a hobby that you can enjoy for life. 2. 但能彈奏樂器可以為你帶來更多的喜悅。

However, being able to play the musical instrument can bring you much more joy. 97 指考

1. 全球糧食危機已經在世界許多地區造成嚴重的社會問題。

The global food crisis has caused serious social problems in many regions around the world. 2. 專家警告我們不應該再將食物價格低廉視為理所當然。

Experts warn that we should no longer take low-priced food for granted./Experts warn that we should no longer take it for granted that the prices of the food are low.

98 學測

1. 大部分學生不習慣自己解決問題,他們總是期待老師提供標準答案。

Most students are not used to solving problems by themselves, and they always expect teachers to give standard answers.

2. 除了用功讀書獲取知識外,學生也應該培養獨立思考的能力。

Besides studying hard to gain knowledge, students should also develop their thinking ability independently.

98 指考

1. 玉山是東亞第一高峰,以生態多樣聞名。


2. 大家在網路上投票給它,要讓它成為世界七大奇觀之一。

People voted for it online, to make it one of the world’s Seven Wonders.

99 學測

1. 在過去,腳踏車主要是作為一種交通工具。

In the past, bicycles mainly served as a means of transportation. 2. 然而,騎腳踏車現在已經成為一種熱門的休閒活動。

However, riding bicycles has become a popular leisure activity. 99指考

1. 近二十年來我國的出生率快速下滑。

For the past twenty years, our country’s birthrate has been declining rapidly.

2. 這可能導致我們未來人力資源的不足。

This could lead to a serious lack of human resources in the future. 100 學測

1. 台灣的夜市早已被認為足以代表我們的在地文化。

Night markets in Taiwan have long been considered enough to represent our local markets.

2. 每年它們都吸引了成千上萬來自不同國家的觀光客。

Every year they attract tens of thousands of tourists from different countries. 100指考

1. 日本的核電廠爆炸已經引起全球對核子能源安全的疑慮。

The explosions at the Japanese nuclear power plants have raised the world’s concern about the safety of nuclear energy.

2. 科學家正尋求安全、乾淨又不昂貴的綠色能源,以滿足我們對電的需求。

Scientists are searching for safe, clean and inexpensive green energy to meet our demand for electricity.

101 學測

1. 近年來,許多台灣製作的影片已經受到國際的重視。

In recent years, many films produced in Taiwan have gained international recognition.

2. 拍攝這些電影的地點也成為熱門的觀光景點。

The places where these films were shot have also become popular tourist attraction. 101 指考

1. 有些我們認為安全的包裝食品可能含有對人體有害的成分。

Some packaged foods we consider safe may contain ingredients that are harmful to the human body.

2. 為了我們自身的健康,在購買食物前我們應仔細閱讀包裝上的說明。

For the sake of our health, we should carefully read the instructions on the package before

buying any food. 102學測

1. 都會地區的高房價對社會產生了嚴重的影響。

High housing prices in the urban/metropolitan areas have had a serious impact on the society. 2. 政府正推出新的政策,以滿足人們的住房需求。

The government is introducing new policies (in order/so as) to meet/satisfy people’s demand for houses.

102 指考

1. 對現今的許多學生而言,在課業與課外活動間取得平衡是一大挑戰。

For many of today’s students, it is a big challenge to maintain/strike a balance between schoolwork and extracurricular activities.

2. 有效的時間管理是每位有責任感的學生必須學習的首要課題。

Effective time management is the most important lesson that every responsible student has to learn.

103 學測


Some young people have quit their well-paid jobs in cities and return/go back to their hometown to grow organic vegetables.


With/Through determination and effort/hard work, many (people/of them) have succeeded, not only/just making more profits/earning more but also leading/living a healthier life. 103 指考


Eating too much fried food may result in schoolchildren’s overweight and even more serious health problems.


Therefore, parents and teachers should cooperate/work together to find effective solutions to deal with this difficult/thorny issue.



A successful enterprise should not see/view/take/regard/think of/look upon earning/making profits as its main/primary objective/goal.


It should take on its social responsibility to increase public well-being. 104指考


The density of convenience stores in Taiwan is the highest in the world; on average, there is one store for every two thousand (2,000) people.

2. 除了購買生活必需品,顧客也可以在這些商店繳費,甚至領取網路訂購之物品。

In addition to/Besides buying daily necessities in these stores, customers can also pay bills and pick up items that they ordered online.


1. 相較於他們父母的世代,現今年輕人享受較多的自由和繁榮。

Compared with their parents’ generation, nowadays/now/today young people enjoy more freedom and prosperity.

2. 但是在這個快速改變的世界中,他們必須學習如何有效地因應新的挑戰。

However,/But/Yet in this fast-changing/rapidly changing world, they have to/must learn how to meet/deal with/cope with new challenges effectively.



Once mosquitoes have bitten those patients who have contracted certain epidemics, they may transmit the viruses to other people.


They spread diseases rapidly among humans and cause far more deaths than we can imagine. 106學測

1.玉山(Jade Mountain)在冬天常常覆蓋著厚厚的積雪,使整個山頂閃耀如玉。

Jade Mountain is often covered with thick layers of/heavy snow in winter, which makes/making the summit/peak/mountain top sparkle like jade.

2. 征服玉山一直是國內外登山者最困難的挑戰之一。

Conquering Jade Mountain has been one of the most difficult challenges for both native and foreign mountaineers/mountain climbers.

106 指考

1.世界大學運動會(The Universiade)是一項國際體育與文化盛事,每兩年一次由不同城市 舉辦。

The Universiade is a great international sports and cultural event, which is held every two years/biennially by different cities.

= The Universiade is a great international sports and cultural event, held every two years/biennially by different cities.


In the games, student athletes from universities around/all over the world form/develop/build friendships and learn the true spirit of sportsmanship.





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