The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology to Open On Time

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Facsimile No. Vice-Chancellor and Frewdenr Profeuor Chlo-Wet Woo. OS. MA PhD

Press Release

The Honq Konq Universitv of Science and Technoloqv to Open On Time

Senior staff at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology today expressed their appreciation for the support shown by the Finance .- -.

. -3

Committee of the Legislative Council in approving funds for furniture and equipment for the new University.

Speaking after the Finance Committee meeting the Acting Pro-Vice- Chancellor for Administration and Business, Mr Ian Macpherson said, "We have to furnish the entire University in the three months between the completion of building construction to Campus opening. The commitment of HK $194 m. for basic teaching equipment for the first two years of the University's operation will enable orders to be placed now for equipment which must be installed in the fourteen academic departments. This assistance has made it possible for us to open the Campus on time."

The University's basic teaching equipment list had been critically examined by a distinguished academic consultant appointed by the University and Polytechnic Grants Committee who had been able to seek opinions from other knowledgeable colleagues and subsequently supported practically the entire amount requested by the University.

"The Government also followed normal practices in Hong Kong in the appropriation of furniture and non-teaching equipment. The amount of $284 m. is 12.5% of actual building cost," said Mr Macpherson. This had been approved with an additional allowance for items which are built -,"


': ..L" '. f Y into the building such as laboratory‘ benching and lecture theatre . seating. One must understand that the 'entire amount of $453 m. covers / all the furniture and non-teaching equipment required for a very large University startinq from nothinq.

"Within 5 years of its opening, the University is to reach the present size of the University of Hong Kong. Furnishings and laboratories in HKU were purchased and accumulated over time. On completion of construction, the new University is an empty shell which has to be completely furnished and equipped. The furniture and equipment inventory of a large university is bound to be costly, but the University has made substantial reductions in order to limit the total expenditure."

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

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