Predicting factors related to nurses’ intention to leave; job satisfaction; and perception of quality of care in acute care hospitals.

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Predicting factors related to nurses' intention

to leave, job satisfaction, and perception of

quality of care in acute care hospitals.

Ma JC, Lee PH, Yang YC, Chang WY.

Mackay Memorial Hospital, Taitung Branch, Taiwan.

High nursing turnover is a problem facing many countries, including Taiwan, and can be very challenging for nursing leaders and hospital administrators. More than one-third of the nurses participating in this study considered leaving their current jobs. Understanding what factors influenced nurses to leave their jobs should be of interest to nursing leaders and hospital administrators in today's changing health care environment. Factors related to intention to leave, including wage dissatisfaction and work shift, should be addressed by hospital administrators. The findings can help hospital administrators and nursing leaders to develop strategies that minimize nurses' intention to leave behaviors, stabilize the nursing workforce, maintain hospital-employee relationships, and prevent nurses from experiencing burnout.




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