International Conference on Supply Chain Management to be Held at HKUST

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21 June 1995



Leading academics and company managers from around the world will meet at HKUST on 23 June 1995 for a one-day conference on a totally new area of research for Hong Kong -- Supply Chain Management.

In today’s interconnected world of business, it is common for a product to be designed the U.S ., manufactured in Asia, and shipped back to the U.S. where it is marketed and sold.


Supply chain management is the efficient and cost-effective linking of the many aspects of this complex process, including product design, sourcing of materials, manufacturing, inventory planning, information systems, marketing, operation planning and distribution.

“We will be bringing together 60 researchers and company leaders from Hong Kong, the U.S. and Europe to talk about supply chain research and its implementations,” says Dr Cheung Ki Ling, a member of the organizing committee and an assistant professor in HKUST’s Information & Systems Management Department.

“Hong Kong is in great need of this kind of expertise,” Dr Cheung says, adding that “many international corporations have factories in China. They distribute their products through Hong Kong while their headquarters and consumer networks are located outside the region. With the emergence of China as an enterprising economic giant, Hong Kong has rapidly become the supply chain management centre of these companies.”

The conference, Competing in a Global Market: Technology and Supply Chain Management Perspectives, is sponsored by the School of Business and Management and co- sponsored by the Departments of Information & Systems Management and Industrial Engineering & Engineering Management.

Prominent speakers will include Professors Morris A. Cohen and Marshall L. Fisher from the University of Pennsylvania, Hau L. Lee and Warren H. Hausman from Stanford University, Andrew Whinston from the University of Texas and Candace Yano from the University of California at Berkeley.

The conference will include parties can contact the Department registration and further information

talks, panel discussions and paper presentations. Interested of Information Jz Systems Management at 2358 7633 for

Topic: Competing in a Global Market: Technology and Supply Chain Management Perspectives

Date: Friday, 23 June 1995, 830 a.m. Venue: Lecture Theatre C, HKUST

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