義守大學 105 學年度 學士後中醫學系 入學招生考試試題 考試科目



一、選擇題(單選題,共 40 題,每題 2 分,共 80 分,答錯 1 題倒扣 0.5 分,倒扣至本大題零分為止,


I. Vocabulary and Usage

Directions: In this part, there are 10 incomplete sentences. For each sentence there are four choices marked (A), (B), (C), and (D). Choose the answer that best completes the sentence.

1. The American dream is highly _____ during the period of prosperity generated by American capitalism.

(A) plausible (B) pessimistic (C) primitive (D) partial

2. Researchers discovered that plants infected with a virus give off a gas that _____ disease resistance in neighboring plants.

(A) advocates (B) activates (C) maintains (D) prescribes 3. As a gardener, Jim has to water the flowers and _____ the grass in the garden every morning.

(A) trim (B) trigger (C) refine (D) repair

4. The old couple decided to _____ a boy and a girl though they had three of their own.

(A) adapt (B) bring (C) receive (D) adopt

5. The police _____ that he committed a series of crimes in the north of the city.

(A) swelled (B) submitted (C) substituted (D) suspected 6. Many companies are starting to invest in _____ energy.

(A) alternative (B) internal (C) external (D) literal 7. I don't know May that well. She's only a _____ acquaintance.

(A) chief (B) light (C) casual (D) loose

8. We were all really hungry, so we shared several _____ before digging into our individual meals.

(A) appetizers (B) deserts (C) measles (D) bills 9. You could see the _____ on the kitten’s face as it was being massaged.

(A) intervention (B) composition (C) contentment (D) infection 10. The luxurious face cream contains natural plant _____.

(A) illustrations (B) assignments (C) occasions (D) extracts II. Grammar

Directions: In this part, there are 10 incomplete sentences. For each sentence there are four choices marked (A), (B), (C), and (D). Choose the answer that best completes the sentence.

11. _____ five minutes earlier, you would not have missed the last train for Shanghai, but you were late.

(A) Had you come (B) Do you come (C) Did you come (D) Should you come 12. To be honest, today’s dinner was just so-so. It wasn’t such a good one _____ promised by the boss.

(A) that (B) which (C) as (D) what



13. A: Did Charles vote in the last election?

B: No, he wasn’t _____.

(A) enough old then (B) then enough old (C) old then enough (D) old enough then 14. He decided to go for a sailing holiday _____ the fact that he was usually seasick.

(A) because of (B) in spite of (C) in case of (D) as a result of 15. He didn’t live up to _____ had been expected of him.

(A) what (B) that (C) which (D) how

16. She prefers _____ to traveling by air.

(A) to drive (B) drives (C) driving (D) drove

17. The human resources director made all job applicants _____ an English test.

(A) take (B) takes (C) to take (D) had taken

18. The manager _____ all members by tomorrow night.

(A) contacts (B) will contact (C) will have contacted (D) will be contacting 19. By no means _____ look down on those who are less lucky in life than we are.

(A) we should (B) should we (C) we should not (D) should we not 20. After he worked out the solution, _________ appeared a smile on his face.

(A) it (B) which (C) what (D) there

III. Cloze test

Directions: There are 10 blanks in the passage below, and for each numbered blank there are 4 choices marked (A), (B), (C), and (D). Choose the best one that fits into the context.

By the time I finished high school, my interest in animals had grown. Then I enrolled at a university to study biology. I learned soon enough that studying animals at this level was not in the animals’ best 21 . I remember one midterm exam in 22 each student was handed a large, freshly-killed frog and instructed to dissect and mark a set of body parts. I looked at the dead frog in front of me and was saddened that her life was taken away for such a slight 23 .

A year later, in the same lab where I dissected the frog, I performed a small act of animal operation. We were 24 on fruit flies, and it was time to record the distribution of characteristics in their next generation.

Flies were kept in small plastic bottles. Counting the number of flies with white or red eyes required first exposing them to ether 25 they could not move. The flies were then spread onto a piece of white paper 26 and counted. When the data collection was 27 , the flies had no further use, and our instructions were to put them into a small glass dish of oil at the center of each desk, which was to be their final resting 28 .

Once the little pile of flies had been counted, I pushed them off the edge of the paper. As we recorded our data, I kept one eye 29 them. Within minutes the pile was humming as tiny legs and wings beat their way out of the ether fog. I was extremely excited as they 30 flight. That was my first step in refusing to conduct scientific research that treated nonhuman life in a cruel way.


21. (A) duties (B) interests (C) rates (D) hobbies

22. (A) what (B) that (C) where (D) which

23. (A) reason (B) spirit (C) space (D) system

24. (A) experimenting (B) strengthening (C) stimulating (D) exploiting 25. (A) owing to (B) because (C) despite (D) so that

26. (A) being examined (B) to be examined (C) examined (D) having been examined 27. (A) preliminary (B) progressive (C) complete (D) curious

28. (A) shade (B) shadow (C) place (D) stuff

29. (A) for (B) with (C) at (D) on

30. (A) stood (B) took (C) sent (D) rode

IV. Reading Comprehension

Directions: There are two passages in this part. Each passage is followed by some questions or unfinished statements. For each of them there are four choices marked (A), (B), (C) and (D). You should choose the answer that best fits into the question or statement.

Questions 31-35 are based on the following passage.

The advantages and disadvantages of a large population have long been a subject of discussion among economists. It has been argued that the supply of good land is limited. To feed a large population, inferior land must be cultivated and the good land worked intensively. Thus, each person produces less and this means a lower average income than what could be obtained with a smaller population. Other economists have argued that a large population gives more scope for specialization and the development of facilities such as ports, roads and railways, which are no likely to be built unless there is a big demand to justify them.

One of the difficulties in carrying out a world-wide birth control program lies in the fact that official attitudes to population growth vary from country to country depending on the level of industrial development and the availability of food and raw materials. In the developing country where a vastly expanded population is pressing hard upon the limits of food, space and natural resources, it will be the first concern of government to place a limit on the birthrate, whatever the consequences may be. In the highly industrialized society the problem may be more complex. A decreasing birth rate may lead to unemployment because it results in a declining market for manufactured goods. When the pressure of population on housing declines, prices also decline and the building industry is weakened. Faced with considerations such as these, the government of a developed country may well prefer to see a slowly increasing population rather than one which is stable or in decline.

31. A smaller population may mean _______________.

(A) higher productivity, but a lower average income (B) lower productivity, but a higher average income (C) lower productivity, and a lower average income (D) higher productivity, and a higher average income



32. According to the passage, a large population will provide a chance for developing _____.

(A) agriculture (B) transport system (C) industry (D) national economy 33. In a developed country, people will perhaps go out of work if the birthrate _____.

(A) goes up (B) is decreasing (C) remains stable (D) is out of control 34. According to the passage, slowly rising birthrate perhaps is good for _____.

(A) a developed nation (B) a developing nation

(C) every nation with a big population (D) every nation with a small population

35. According to the passage, it is no easy job to carry out a general plan for birth control throughout the world because _____.

(A) there are too many underdeveloped countries in the world

(B) underdeveloped countries have low level of industrial development (C) different governments have different views about the problem (D) even developed countries may have complex problems Questions 36-40 are based on the following passage.

In the United States, 1.3 million women reach menopause annually. Although most women make the transition to menopause without experiencing psychiatric problems, an estimated 20% of women have depression at some point during menopause.

Studies of mood during menopause have generally revealed an increased risk of depression during perimenopause, yet a decreased risk of depression during postmenopausal years. The Penn Ovarian Aging Study, a cohort study, found that depressive symptoms increased during the menopausal transition and decreased after menopause. The strongest predictor of depressive mood was a prior history of depression, along with fluctuations in reproductive hormone levels associated with depressive mood.

In a cross-sectional population survey from the Netherlands, 2103 women were asked to rate their

symptoms of depression before menopause and 3.5 years later, during the menopausal transition. The result of the survey showed that the women experienced most symptoms of depression during the menopausal transition.

In the United States, a study of a community sample of women undergoing natural menopause also demonstrated an increase in depressive symptoms during perimenopause.

Investigators from the Harvard Study of Moods and Cycles recruited premenopausal women aged 36-44 with no history of major depression and followed up these women for 9 years to detect new onsets of major depression. They found that women who entered perimenopause were twice as likely to have clinically significant depressive symptoms as women who had not yet made the menopausal transition.

36. According to this article, which statement is not true?

(A) Studies have shown that there’s an increased risk of depression during perimenopause.

(B) Studies of mood during menopause have reported an increased risk of insomnia during perimenopause.

(C) Studies have shown that there’s a decreased risk of depression during postmenopausal years.

(D) Studies have shown that reproductive hormones produced during menopause contribute to depression.


37. According to the study, when do women experience most symptoms of depression?

(A) During postmenopausal years (B) Before menopause

(C) After the menopausal transition (D) During the menopausal transition 38. What is the best title for this article?

(A) The figure of women reach menopause in the US

(B) Reproductive hormones produced during menopause contribute to insomnia (C) Depression during menopause

(D) Women’s age for menopause

39. How was the study conducted in Netherland?

(A) The participants were physically examined.

(B) The participants were asked to conduct a peer review.

(C) The participants were asked to complete questionnaires.

(D) The participants were asked to write research reports.

40. How was the study conducted from the Harvard Study of Moods and Cycles?

(A) The participants were asked to rate their symptoms of depression.

(B) They recruited premenopausal women aged 36-44 with no history of major depression.

(C) The participants were physically examined.

(D) The participants were asked to conduct a peer review.

二、作文題(20 分)

Directions: Write a well-organized essay in English with the length of approximately 200-250 words as your response to the passage below.

Biotechnology has been highly developed over the past few decades. Meanwhile, it has raised many controversial ethical issues when it is applied to medicine, especially Xenotransplantation(異種動物間的器 官移植), namely the transfer of living cells, tissues and/or organs from non-human (animal) species into humans, although technically, it could be the other way around or between any two species. One of the reasons for such developments is a worldwide shortage of organs supply for clinical transplantation. Many people die when waiting for suitable organs to become available. To sum up, the development of xenotransplantation can be considered as serving several purposes: (1) to be a complete substitute for human organs; (2) to supplement human organs, thus easing the current organ shortage; (3) or to be a "bridge" organ before a "destination"

organ can be found. Though xenotransplantation has great value to patients, besides its ethical controversies it thus raised, there are also high stakes for others concerned, such as scientists, the biotechnology industry and infectious disease specialists.

Given the above-mentioned, do you agree to the practice of xenotransplantation if you become a practitioner of medicine?



8 B 18 B 28 C 38

9 D 19 C 29 A 39

10 A 20 A 30 C 40

義守大學 105 學年度學士後中醫學系入學招生考試化學試題參考答案

題號 答案 題號 答案 題號 答案 題號 答案 題號 答案

1 A 11 A 21 B 31 B 41 C

2 D 12 B 22 D 32 B 42 A

3 C 13 D 23 A 33 B 43 D

4 D 14 A 24 A 34 D 44 B

5 C 15 D 25 C 35 B 45 B

6 C 16 D 26 C 36 B 46 B

7 A 17 D 27 B 37 A 47 A

8 D 18 C 28 A 38 D 48 C

9 B 19 B 29 C 39 D 49 C

10 A 20 A 30 D 40 A 50 D

義守大學 105 學年度學士後中醫學系入學招生考試英文試題參考答案

題號 答案 題號 答案 題號 答案 題號 答案 題號 答案

1 A 11 A 21 B 31 D

2 B 12 C 22 D 32 B

3 A 13 D 23 A 33 B

4 D 14 B 24 A 34 A

5 D 15 A 25 D 35 C

6 A 16 C 26 B 36 B

7 C 17 A 27 C 37 D

8 A 18 C 28 C 38 C

9 C 19 B 29 D 39 C

10 D 20 D 30 B 40 B

義守大學 105 學年度學士後中醫學系入學招生考試生物學試題參考答案

題號 答案 題號 答案 題號 答案 題號 答案 題號 答案

1 B 11 D 21 D 31 C 41 A

2 C 12 B 22 B 32 B 42 D

3 C 13 D 23 D 33 A 43 B

4 B 14 D 24 B 34 D 44 C

5 B 15 A 25 C 35 C 45 C

6 C 16 A 26 C 36 C 46 D

7 C 17 C 27 D 37 C 47 B

8 A 18 A 28 D 38 D 48 C

9 D 19 C 29 C 39 A 49 D

10 C 20 D 30 A 40 C 50 C





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