Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals June 23, 1921

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Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

June 23, 1921

Speaker: Vivian Chiu Education Manager



Animal Welfare Charity Organisation

• Been helping animals and the community for 100 Years!

• Only 1% government subvention


Our Mission

“To promote kindness to animals, to protect their health and welfare, to

prevent cruelty and alleviate suffering, and through education to cultivate a deep respect for life in the community so that all living creatures may live

together in harmony.”




Inspire children & youth to love and care thru

our Humane Education


Humane Education



Humane Education


Levels of our talks

Kindergarten Primary Secondary






Parents & Kids Elderly

Other Audience


Different Format

- * In-house Talk with live-streaming tour - * Online talks with

live-streaming tour

- Talk at Out-door Premises *




Needs of Animals

Relationship with Humans


Animals have feelings like us


Animals are living beings

• Individual with its own characters

Not for entertainment Not our toys

Not a tool either

Suffered to death



Animal welfare

is about ensuring the wellbeing of the individual animal

from the animal's point of view.

It includes animal health and

encompasses both the physical and psychological state of the animal.


Other Content

- Tailor-made Talk * - Career Talk

(animal –related





Care Consideration

2R + 2C

Developed in 2015



• Embrace the Symphony of Life - Developed in 2017

- Primary and above - To School or online

Life Education


Life Education

Focus on humans

Appreciate the nature



– animal ambassador


Parent-Child Workshops


In-depth Learning mane-education-package/humane-education-package-download


Humane Education


Responsible Pet Ownership’s Kit



Scout Animal Care Badge

Based on Humane Education


Monthly Comic

English comic : adopted by the EDB- English Language Education Section – online resource kit for primary level


Chin Version


Scan to join

Online Campaign

Sign the pledge

To make a better world!


Education programme for Secondary students

Please call our education dept. at

2232 5541 or 2232 5526

Build an animal-friendly city

Topic 1 : Is Hong Kong a Pet-Friendly City?

Topic 2 : Traps and dangers that wildlife faces in Hong Kong

Win the prizes that are worth more than $20,000! And there is a chance

for your video to hit the big screen!


Talk Enquiry

• Education Talk: ucation/education-tours-talks

• Life Education Talk (擁抱生命的樂章) ucation/embrace-the-symphony-of-life-ch


Talk Enquiry

• Scout Animal Care Badge 愛護動物章 cation/animal-care-badge-for-cub-scout-and-scout

Please call our Education dept. at 2232 5541 or 2232 5526 for booking details.

Vivian Chiu – 2232 -5521


We Need Your Support

to make the difference for serving both animals and the community




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