OS cosmetic 拋棄式化妝品

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作品名稱 | OS cosmetic 拋棄式化妝品 得獎作者 | 王紫綺 蔡甯安

得獎年份 | 104 年 指導教授 | 張文智

比賽名稱 | 德國紅點設計獎-概念設計獎

主辦單位 | Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen, Essen, Germany

獎項名稱 | Red Dot Design Award Best of the Best

我們注意到許多女性家中都有許多用不完的化妝品,這些多彩的化妝品著實引起女性們的購物 慾,買了卻常用不完,因此發展出了 OS cosmetics。他正是為此問題而生的新型態化妝品,OS 即是 One Sheet 的英文縮寫,單片、一次性的特點讓人不需再擔心用不完的問題。此外,衛 生、方便攜帶也是一大特點,輕薄且經過整合的外型,省去了許多空間以及重量,大大造福了 每天化妝的女性! Do you have the problem that you always buy too many cosmetics and you do not

finish them before their expiration date? OS Cosmetics are the disposable, which solves this problem.

OS Cosmetics have three main features. First, it is disposable. We offer a wide-range of color to suit every occasion, with- out needing to worry about the leftover make-up. Second, you can always have clean and fresh cosmetics. Last, they are easy to carry, because they are thin and light. We standardize all our products to make them easy to carry. OS cosmetics is a whole new type of cosmetics. Make the change!





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