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Male nurses in Taiwan sex role stress, organizational commitment and professional commitment of nursing research

The Relationships Among Sex Role Strain, Organizational commitment and Nursing Professional Commitment in Male Nurses in Taiwan


In this study, male nurses in Taiwan to understand the gender role stress, organizational commitment and commitment to the status of the nursing

profession, and thus the correlation of the meantime, as the executive director of education policy and clinical reference. In this study, cross-sectional survey study, a descriptive research design related to male nursing students in Taiwan conducted by mail questionnaire for population surveys, including "Basic

information on cases," "gender role stress scale" , "Organizational Commitment Scale" and "nursing professional commitment scale" and a structured

questionnaire, received a total of 200 cases, recovery was 52.63%. The data

mean, standard deviation, percentage, variance analysis, correlation coefficient analysis, stepwise regression to analyze the data. Of important results are as follows:

1, Taiwan, male gender role stress score of nurses was 3.09 (standard deviation:

0.50), ranging from minor - between the middle and feel the greatest source of stress for the patients gender roles; followed by colleagues; and community gender role stress is the smallest.

Second, male nurses in Taiwan's commitment to the organization degree of 2.91 (standard deviation: 0.52) between the middle - between little worse. It shows

male nurses are willing to organize the effort, participation, identity organizations, but in the calculation of the consideration on the pay and rewards are for the disproportionate commitment of the two presented for the phenomenon of polarization, and even affect the overall organization commitment.

Third, male nurses on the nursing profession's commitment to above average degree (average: 3.30, standard deviation: 0.56). Which indicate that men are nurses willing to pay for the care and effort, participation, recognition care, certainly the meaning of nursing. But the same was paid for in the nursing and reward imbalance.


Fourth, gender role stress and organizational commitment, care and professional commitment were negatively correlated (r=- 0.44, p <0.001; r =- 0.51, p

<0.001). The higher the pressure of gender roles, the organization, the lower the commitment to the nursing profession.

Fifth, organizational commitment and professional commitment was positively related to management (r = 0.81, p <0.001). Higher organizational commitment, the higher the commitment of the nursing profession.

6, an important predictor of organizational commitment as "the professional desire," "exchange of views", "professional positive evaluation", "professional career involvement will", "pressure from the community", "the professional",

"Nursing Education "," department seniority, "" hospital district ", a total of 68.41% of the variance explained.

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